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Paciente con Asistencia sanitaria
Military Nursing Applicants

Applicants to Nursing School from Military Backgrounds and/or with Military-related, Professional Interests, Veterans

Bachelor's Master's, Doctorate, Certificate Program, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Letters of Recommendation, Free Professional, Anonymous Samples

Sample 1st Paragraph, US Military Nurse


My last 8 years have been spent in the United States Army serving as a Respiratory Therapist. During my time serving my country I abandoned my original course of study in business and earned my BSN because I came to deeply love caring for the ill and wounded, helping them to heal: thus, nursing. Now 32 and a very serious, dedicated, and experienced nurse, I feel strongly that it is my optimal time to excel in graduate school. UXXX is my first choice because I love the diversity of your university and the surrounding area. I have now lived and worked in China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mexico, Peru, and Costa Rica; but California will always be my home. As an ethnic-Chinese who speaks intermediate Spanish and seeks to improve on a daily basis, I feel most at home in City, State. My central professional goal now that I am retiring from active duty in the military is to earn my Master's Degree in your program and become a certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner working in the private sector with special attention to the issues of the underserved in my community.

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