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DNAP Nurse Anesthesia, Military, African American

Updated: Jan 15

My pursuit of the DNAP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia results from my passion for research and the time I have spent in the United States Military. I love serving in the Armed Forces and plan to return as a CRNA. Therefore, I hope to be accepted to a DNAP Program that is both rigorous and also incorporates a global focus that will help me to prepare for decades to come not only as a CRNA in the USA but also as a CRNA in support of surgeons on medical missions, especially to the underserved in the Global South.

I chose Chemistry as the area to earn my first undergraduate degree. Young, idealistic, and excelling in my science courses, I hope to contribute to finding cures for deadly diseases. Gaining a fellowship to study molecular-based conditions and receiving recognition and appreciation for my research efforts in this area encouraged me. By the time I earned my BS Degree in Chemistry in 2016, however, I was already focused on a Nursing career and earned my BS in Nursing two years later. While I hope to give my all to practicing Nurse Anesthesia as a CRNA for the balance of my professional lifetime, I also feel called to stay engaged with research.

DNAP Nurse Anesthesia, Military, African-American 5
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While my research interests thus far have been at the intersection of Chemistry and Neuroscience, I am also very engaged with social issues. I have volunteered extensively as a youth mentor for inner-city children. I completed a research project exploring the unique challenges that often prevent inner-city adolescents with learning disabilities from pursuing higher education, despite several programs designed to help them through the process. I hope to stay engaged with this area even as a CRNA, exercising my leadership capacity to contribute to sustainable progress for my community.

DNAP Nurse Anesthesia, Military, African-American 5
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Nowhere do I feel as comfortable and excited to serve as I do in the ICU: titrating the drips to get my desired effect and troubleshooting my invasive lines. My military background shows in my focus, discipline, and dedication. As a nurse in our Neuro ICU since July 2018, I have shadowed several CRNAs in preparation for career advancement in this area of Nursing. After completing your program and returning to the military as a CRNA or serving in a military hospital, I will continue to refine my capacity to help the underserved and prepare myself to give my all in this area. I am an African American woman who adores diversity, multiculturalism, and traveling. I am grateful to the military for the privilege of serving for one year each in Mexico, Italy, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq, along with two years in Germany. I look forward to demonstrating that gratitude in the future.

Thank you for considering my application.


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