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African Applicants to Nursing School

Immigrant, African Applicants to Nursing School, Personal Statement, Bachelor's BSN, BS, MSN, MN, Masters

DNP, PHD Doctorate, Certificate Program

Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Letters of Recommendation, Free Professional, Anonymous Samples

Sample 1st Paragraph, Nurse from Africa


Earning my BSN in 2005, I am now a highly accomplished nursing professional with extensive experience in acute care, particularly cardiac, orthopedic and trauma, as well as outpatient treatment. I now even co-own a medical consultation. I feel strongly that I am currently at the optimal time in my life to excel in your DNP Program with the wisdom that comes from experience combined with the high level of motivation that I have to do my utmost on behalf of the underserved. Being born and raised in Ethiopia inspired me to study towards the MPH Degree which I earned in 2012 and then went back to Africa to work in villages doing everything from assisting with deliveries to educating community members about malaria prevention and female circumcision.


Sample 1st Paragraph, Nurse from Africa, FNP


XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because I see it as America’s finest online program in preparation for becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am a young man from Africa who now has 8 years of nursing experience in America, in both med-surg and telemetry clinical settings providing nursing care to patients with complex and highly varied needs.  Completing the MSN through the Simmons School will enable me to fulfill both of my short term goals—continuing to serve full time as a nurse here in the Houston area at the same time that I learn how to enhance the quality of my service to patients and assume new responsibilities, by giving my all to your MSN program. Every ounce of energy that I do not give to my hospital I have reserved for earning my MSN. I also see the intellectual sophistication of your program as ideal for my long term goal of contributing to the improvement of nursing care in my native Africa. I feel strongly that African men are among the finest nurses in the world and I want to contribute to the propagation of this image.

Sample 1st Paragraph, Nursing student from Africa


A young woman and mother of two from Africa, I have made my home with my husband for some years now in XXXX, XXXX. Thus, your distinguished nursing program with its vast opportunity and resources at XXU is my first choice for graduate school. I hope to be accepted into the Graduate Entry option since my undergraduate degree is in Mathematics. Nevertheless, I fully plan to excel in your program and it will be my hope to be accepted to complete my degree in the WHNP track. This is because my long term goal—once my children are bigger—is to return to my native Senegal and train nurses and establish clinics with a focus on Women's and Reproductive Health.

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