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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Applicant from Africa

Updated: Jan 15

For the past five years, I have been working in a long-term acute care hospital as a registered respiratory therapist (RT) and working as a Registered Nurse for the past four years, including one year of adult medical intensive care experience (MICU) at the University of XXXX Medical Center. I use critical judgment and skills to provide quality care to patients and ensure that the patient plan of care represents a collaboration between physicians and other team members. As an experienced Respiratory Therapist (RT), I perform a respiratory assessment, monitor weaning parameters, wean patients off the ventilator, assist medical doctors with intubation, and perform diagnostic tests and interpretations such as; Electrocardiograph, arterial blood gas, pulmonary function test, overnight sleep study, set up and administer non-invasive therapy such as BIPAP and CPAP for a patient with sleep apnea, participating in rapid response, and assisting with airway management.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Applicant from Africa
DNP Personal Statement

As a critical care nurse, I am currently providing specialized care for adult patients with many different diagnoses, including multi-system organ failure, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, influenza, sepsis, renal failure, GI bleeding, pre/post bone marrow transplant, pre-post organ transplant (kidney/liver/lung), overdoses, and respiratory/cardiac arrest in the intensive care unit (ICU). I am also well-trained in swan-gang catheters, ventilators, intubation, arterial lines, double- and triple-lumen catheters, telemetry, and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

My career goal is to acquire the highest level of scientific knowledge that I can, along with leadership skills, to be able to advocate for my patients effectively, engage in research, assess evidence, and evaluate the impact that research has on clinical practice contributing to improvements as necessary to enhance quality patient care.

I seek admission to the CRNA program to help alleviate the pain that accompanies surgery and educate my patients about the importance and challenges of anesthesia. I suffered severe pain during my first childbirth because I did not receive anesthesia. I still get a cold shiver down my spine when I r my first childbirth experience. My delivery was difficult, agony for 13 hours. I had just arrived in the United States and did not understand what it meant to receive an epidural. I refused the epidural when it was offered to me simply because I did not even know what it was since epidurals are made available only to the wealthier classes of society in Africa. I was not aware of their miraculous contribution. Based on my childbirth experience, the shortage of anesthetists, especially in rural areas, and the high demand for CRNAs, I would like to make that difference by increasing my contribution to the alleviation of my patient’s pain and discomfort, pushing cultural barriers in the field of nurse anesthesia, and also fill the gap to remedy the shortage of nurse anesthetists in rural or underprivileged areas. My future dream and aspiration are to provide volunteer service by going on a medical mission in support of surgeons, especially in underserved areas.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Applicant from Africa
DNP Personal Statement for CRNA, Writing and Editing Service, Professional Examples

XXXX University is my first choice because it has a proven record of accomplishment of first-rate preparation of students to deliver safe anesthesia care. XXXX University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program is well noted for its sheer excellence and accreditation, as well as its passing rate of 94 percent in 2018, zero percent attrition rate, 100% employment rate in the last ten years, the small class setting, and the provision of clinical opportunities in over twenty-seven hospitals, all of which I find most appealing.

My greatest strength as a human being and a nurse is my compassion, enabling and empowering me to go that extra mile for each patient. My strengths will help me to succeed in graduate school, setting realistic, measurable, and attainable goals. I possess the qualities of inner motivation and a positive attitude, quick learning with new material, leadership ability, flexibility, performing well under pressure/stress, and excellent critical/clinical judgment skills. I must admit that enrolling in graduate nursing school will have some challenges. For example, the challenge of being a mother, wife, employee, student, balancing family, school, work, etc. But these are realities that one must first learn to manage, as I have, before embarking on such a journey. I have given these challenges careful thought, and I have an excellent time management plan to set in place once I am accepted. I plan to work extremely hard and save money for the well-being of my family, if possible, take loans to pay off my tuition, find a home nanny to help care for my kids, and reduce my workload to create a clever balance between school, work, and family. Given my background, training, and experience, my greatest aspiration is to be considered for your distinguished DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


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