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Latina CRNA, Emergency, ICU, DNP Nurse Anesthesia Spanish-speaking Community

Updated: May 11

Earning the DNP Degree from a state-of-the-art Nurse Anesthesia Program like the College of Nursing at the University of XXXX will enable me to not only reach my central professional goal, but distinguish myself as an especially dedicated, compassionate, and creative CRNA. In preparation, I have observed several CRNAs in both OR and OB settings; following them around and learning from them; and these have been the most beautiful, intense, and fulfilling moments of my life so far. Born and raised in Texas, I very much look forward to the rigorous and challenging experience of earning my doctoral degree at the University of Arizona; remaining close to my family in El Paso.

Throughout my nursing career, I have increasingly gained confidence along with experience and obtained numerous certifications along the way that have helped to prepare me to excel as a student in your Nurse Anesthesia Program: Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and I am currently in the process of earning my CCRN. I have experience in a level II trauma center ED and ICU experience in a level I trauma center. I love learning and frequently attend lectures and conferences in subjects closely related to Nurse Anesthesia, sometimes traveling out of town to do so. The areas of nursing that I know best result from my extensive experience in ICU as well as the Emergency Department; and I have a special research interest in the relationship between trauma and anesthesia that grows out of my experience in these areas. I devote myself to everything relevant to Nurse Anesthesia, issues, challenges, the state of our profession, etc. This interest is driven by the fact that my long-term goal is to teach Nurse Anesthesia at some point in my career. I anticipate continuing to find intense joy throughout my career by helping to orient and instruct new nurses so that they will be successful at navigating the waters of our profession in everything from clinical concerns to dealing with the emotions that surround all of us on a daily basis.

I hope to earn the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia and spend decades to come practicing as a CRNA; and in this way maximize my service to the community. For years, I have volunteered as much as time permits at my local church as well as at homeless shelters. I look forward to assuming leadership roles in the community in the care of the destitute and underserved as a Nurse Leader, particular with respect to the Latino and Spanish-speaking community.

I was most pleased to serve as a nurse in the Emergency Department at XXXX Medical Center, strengthening my knowledge base and critical thinking skills, multitasking abilities and capacity to prioritize according to acuity level. I have dealt with various types of patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric, all which have honed my skills as a person and as a nurse. I further strengthened my knowledge and experience by working in the critical care department at Sierra East Medical Center in the ICU/CVICU unit. Here is where I learned a great deal about the rationale behind most medical treatments and the medication most frequently prescribed for a large variety of illnesses or medical conditions.

I feel that I am a very strong candidate for your program for several reasons. Nursing is not only a profession but a calling in our family, where I am the newest of 4 nurses. As a Latina who is a native speaker and writer of Spanish as well as English and Spanish, I look forward to practicing as a CRNA in both languages and in this way maximizing the quality of care that I am able to provide to each patient. My ability in Spanish will also open doors for leadership roles in the Latino and Chicano community.

Patient with a very calming demeanor, I love what I do and love life in general, which is most helpful in such a high-stress field. I persevere in the face of difficulties and do everything within my power to ensure that I perform to the fullest extent of my capacity. A team player, I see my coworkers, and the hospital community in general, as extended family. Very recently, we had a mass shooting in El Paso and several family members of my close friends were among the injured. It was an honor for me to share in caring for the wounded that resulted from this most horribly tragic event. I also felt honored by the way that the community pulled together in the aftermath, especially in caring for the victims.

As my career advances, I hope to be able to devote increasing amount of time to caring for the underserved as a CRNA, in support of those organizations operating in my community whose mission it is to help our least fortunate residents. I hope to also have the experience of going on medical missions in Latin America in support of surgeons. I work extremely well under pressure - given my 4 and 1/2 years in the emergency department – and I am ready to become part of an elite group of medical professionals.

I love working out, health and beauty, staying in shape; singing is my most prominent pass time, since I often perform at family functions and some community events – in both of my languages. Nothing, however, has made me feel so alive as that first moment, during my observation of a CRNA, when I held the hand of a young woman writhing in pain, not long before delivering her baby. As the CRNA administered the epidural medication, and her pain subsided, I was awarded the most intense rush of joy that I have ever felt.

I thank you for consideration of my application to Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX.

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