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Korean Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples

XXXX University is my first choice among DNP programs in Nurse Anesthesia because I am attracted to the fact that it is new, beginning only in 2012. I appreciate the small class size and most admirable student-to-faculty ratio that maximizes possibilities for interaction and learning. I recently visited your program and appreciated its openness, enjoying enormously the opportunity to converse with current students and faculty alike. Read More

My nursing philosophy is always to work hard, do one's best, and study to become a better nurse, as much as possible, both formally and informally. I hope to be accepted to the DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University because the most fundamental aspect of my nursing philosophy is a lifelong education, the constant improvement of one’s ability to care for one’s patients and achieve optimal patient care outcomes. I am proud to have been awarded XXXX Hospital´s Rookie of the year award for 2017. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your team as a Korean-American woman. I came to the USA from our native Korea in the 6th grade and am bicultural Korean and bilingual. I look forward to serving as a native speaker of Korean on call whenever the need arises in my hospital. Read More

I have been privileged to care for many elderly patients, most of whom are Korean, like myself. Consequently, I have gone out of my way to learn as much as possible about the unique health challenges of the elderly. Particular respect and affection are accorded to the elderly in my culture, and I greatly enjoy this contact. I know the aging population is bringing new and significant challenges to nursing. I intend to begin my career in geriatric nursing to play a part in identifying and dealing with these challenges. I have also become increasingly aware of the need for primary health education to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles and diets, particularly in dealing with the increasing incidence of diabetes among Koreans. I hope to be especially active in the struggle against diabetes. Read More

I feel that one of the most significant benefits of being a professional nurse is the gratification that comes from easing the suffering of others. I have focused on anesthesia because I want to devote the balance of my professional life to this cause. I am a US Army Captain, and serving my country is my priority. I began serving as an Army Nurse, BAMC, in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, in 2007 and remained for three years until relocating to Hawaii, where I currently serve as a Clinical Staff Nurse, PACU, Army Nurse TMC. Read More

I was a tiny, premature baby, and although my medical problems were not severe, they did involve frequent visits to the hospital in my early childhood.  So I became used to the hospital environment and observed the staff in a way that only a child can. I saw that some nurses and doctors did their job and that others did the same job but with a smile and a friendly manner, even taking the time occasionally to share a joke with a little girl. I decided very early in my life that I would like to help people by working in a hospital and that I would be a smiling, friendly, caring staff and not one of the others. I have never forgotten my childhood resolution in my career to date. Read More

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