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CRNA School Personal Statement, Korean-American, Husband, Father, Speaks Korean

Updated: May 11

XXXX University is my first choice among DNP programs in Nurse Anesthesia because I am attracted to the fact that it is new, beginning only in 2012. I appreciate the small class size and most admirable student-to-faculty ratio that maximizes possibilities for interaction and, subsequently, learning. I recently visited your program and appreciated its openness; enjoying enormously the opportunity that I had to converse with current students and faculty alike.

A very hard-working nurse and a devoted husband and father, the fact that I live close by to XXXX University is an added plus. I have 3 three children ages 6, 4, and 2 years and spending time with them, taking the family on short trips or excursion is my principal joy an source of relaxation and rejuvenation. Outside of a very occasional golf game, I give everything else to nursing.

Born in Philadelphia PA, my family moved back to our native Korea when I was 5 and did not return to the USA until I was 14 years old. I am pleased that things worked out this way and I had the opportunity to spend 9 formative years being educated in the land of my birth, since this resulted in my becoming a Korean-American who is fully multicultural as well as multilingual and I feel that this helps to me to relate especially well with my Korean patients as a nurse. I look forward to being of special service to underserved Koreans in California in the future, particularly recent immigrants to the US, and those that live in poverty with little to no access to medical care. I am also making rapid progress at learning Spanish, especially those words and phrases that are most relevant for nursing. A dedicated, hard-working, and highly accomplished nurse with many years of experience, I expect to excel as a graduate student earning my doctoral degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University.

I searched for CRNA’s with my last name, XXXX, one of the top 5 most common last names for Koreans and found no CRNA’s with my last name registered with the California Board of Nursing. There are not many Korean or Korean-American CRNAs in America; and I hope to contribute to our profession as a fully bilingual and bicultural professional who will be well positioned at some point in my career when my children are older to contribute to nursing anesthesia training and the advancement of education and training in our area in Korea as well as America.

After I earn my Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia and acquire experience in my profession, then I will have the free time to turn my attention to working with Korean associations in California that help to provide medical services to those among us who have the greatest need, and to spend increasing amounts of my professional time speaking Korean in addition to English. I look forward to serving as a role model for younger Koreans, especially in California, to follow.

It will be a great honor for me in the future to be shadowed by Korean and Korean-American students of nursing, taking them under my wing and sharing some of my memorable experiences as a CRNA. I look forward to a dual emphasis in the future as a CRNA with an uncompromising focus on patient safety that is complemented by my passion for holistic care. My ideal position would be working with a renowned teaching/university hospital. I would very much like teach to teach at some point in a Nurse Anesthesia program, at some point in my career, in Korea if not in America – nurturing and encouraging, inspiring new generations of Koreans in Nurse Anesthesia.

When the subject of the CRNA comes up in conversation, how much money they make is often one of the first things that tends to be mentioned; for me, however, I seek noble work first and foremost, professional advancement in the service of community. Becoming the very best that one can become in their field is itself the principal compensation. I have observed numerous CRNAs and shadowed a few. I model my own nursing style on what I have observed. I feel strongly that I have the right temperament to excel as a CRNA and I believe that part is very important: distinguishing myself above all as patient and highly organized, with a keen feel for the art of prioritization.

Detail oriented, highly accountable, always calm, most of all in emergency situations, I am a team player who is also and always will be humble as it is my nature, always open to and appreciative of criticism.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University.

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