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Immigrant from Kenya, DNP, NA, Critical Care

Updated: Jan 15

Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist has been my central professional goal for years since I began my career in nursing. My vision of myself as a CRNA professional started in nursing school when we completed a research project on different specialties in advanced practice nursing. From then on, I focused my professional vision on becoming a CRNA, with lifelong education and 100% devotion to nursing. Over and above my classes, I began reading broadly about many issues related to becoming a CRNA, not just any CRNA, but one distinguished for their excellence.

The obstacles I have faced have made me stronger and increasingly determined to give my all to nursing and excel, meeting the rigorous requirements for my chosen career. An extremely hard worker who excels at working independently, now thirty-four, I emigrated to the USA at the age of twenty from Kenya, primarily to afford advanced educational opportunities. I put myself through nursing school without taking out any loans and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I worked my way through my undergraduate nursing program as a Nurse Assistant, caring for the elderly in their homes at night and on weekends, paying all my living expenses and tuition. Being raised by a single parent in a developing country taught me the value of hard work and independence.

Immigrant from Kenya, DNP, NA, Critical Care
DNP Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statements

I have been a nurse since 2011, and for the last five years, I have worked in an ICU at a level-one trauma center. I have learned how to respond quickly and appropriately to various emergencies and other situations that tend to arise in critical care nursing. I always do my best to be prepared for anything that might arise. A good problem solver, especially over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to fill in as a charge nurse, addressing issues, challenges, and tensions involving doctors, nurses, patients, and family members. Incredibly knowledgeable in post-operative cardiothoracic recovery, I have learned the importance of paying attention to detail. The patients I care for are exceptionally delicate, and any oversight could rapidly become a life-or-death issue. Over the last five years as a bedside nurse, I have cultivated critical care skills, and my efforts have gradually been recognized. I have been accorded service privileges such as chairing committees on preventing infections, increased patient mobility, and other topics. I have also shadowed several CRNAs for different periods. Still very frugal, my family and I have saved sufficiently so that I will have no problem with the financial commitment of attending your distinguished DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX’s University.

Immigrant from Kenya, DNP, NA, Critical Care
DNP Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement

It was a special privilege for me to shadow Karen XXXX, a nurse in my hospital who has been a CRNA for 25 years and is highly knowledgeable. I was especially enthralled as she explained how to administer anesthesia based on age, her initial assessments of patients, preparing for intubations, etc. I am applying only to my first choice, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, because of its rigor and excellent reputation, and my family and friends live in Minnesota. By studying at XXXX, I will have the full support of my extended family and social network, enabling me to excel and attend to my studies as a top priority alongside caring for my patients. I appreciate the small class size at XXXX, the low attrition rate, and the practicum opportunities in Nurse Anesthesia.

Thank you for considering my application.


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