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DNP Nursing Education, Wife of Wounded Warrior

Updated: Jan 15

Earning my BSN in Nursing has allowed me to serve as a registered nurse for the past ten years. The greatest strength of my application to your competitive DNP Program at the UXX is my extensive engagement with the subject of wounded warriors, especially during the two years that I lived in Germany as a military spouse working as a volunteer. Along with other wives, we provided care packages to the injured men and women of the armed forces. We would come through the hospital wards with personal hygiene and other comfort items and give away all the encouragement and support we could. These were among the most memorable moments of my life so far and the most meaningful, so I want to devote the balance to research and practice in nursing care for our veterans and the special unique issues they face.

My extensive volunteer work has also contributed to my capacity and drive to excel in your DNP Program. Nothing fulfilled me as much as the countless hours dedicated to the Wounded Hero Foundation, arranging care packages for wounded soldiers; the National Military Family Association (NMFA) served as a community liaison for information and resources for new military families. One experience provided me with unique insight into the struggles of military families as I served as a judge for an essay contest on the writings of military spouses. Working with the Wounded Warrior Fundraisers and Project Operation Coming Home helped me develop invaluable strategic skills most helpful in moving wounded warriors and their families into a different home or putting things in storage when they must travel to a distant hospital for extensive treatment. Serving as a Guardian Ad Litem with the group XXXX for a Child also propelled me forward as a nurse who will always have an extraordinary place in her heart for abused and neglected children.

DNP Nursing Education, Wife of Wounded Warrior
DNP Statement of Purpose Example

When a service member is injured, it stresses the family members, who are abruptly forced to face up to new roles for themselves as caregivers. Once I am an NP, I could do more for them at a VA hospital and better respond to significant needs arising from a shortage of MDs. My experience will help me be especially adept at communication between wounded warriors and their families and between the families and the hospital and the larger community. My capabilities and the natural talents that I have cultivated through nursing practice cannot reach their fruition unless I attain a master's degree since RNs cannot diagnose illnesses, share in the formation of treatment plans, prescribe drugs, order diagnostic tests, gather medical histories, or even perform physical examinations. With a master's degree and Certification in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. This is how I long in my heart to spend the rest of my professional life.

DNP Nursing Education, Wife of Wounded Warrior
DNP Statement of Purpose Example

I am a military spouse, and meeting the day-to-day challenges of being a wounded warrior's wife has given me great strength. My husband suffered extensive traumatic combat injuries in Afghanistan, followed by classic PTSD/Depression requiring special lifetime care. Thus, I have experienced the challenges I seek to address professionally and personally; my experience is my inspiration.

With my DNP, I could educate future nurses on caring for our nation’s veterans and service members. The idea of teaching at some point in my career at a nursing college—part-time while continuing to serve as an NP—appeals to me.

I am grateful to my first husband for very few things besides that he taught me Spanish, which I have used ever since. I enjoy being among many non-Hispanic, African American nurses who are bilingual in Spanish/English. I hope that in the future, serving as a nurse educator will provide me with additional, rich experiences of diversity in nursing care to share with my class.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXX.


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