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Asian Applicants to Nursing School

Immigrants from Asia and Asian-Americans,

Immigrant, African Applicants to Nursing School, Personal Statement, Bachelor's BSN, BS, MSN, MN, Masters

DNP, PHD Doctorate, Certificate Program

Sample 1st Paragraph, Nurse from the Philippines


Now 52 years old and an accomplished and experienced nurse, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at XXXX University as someone born and raised in the Philippines who has paid close attention to issues of diversity in nursing. I feel strongly that diversity issues have special relevance for the Family Nurse Practitioner because family dynamics always take place in a cultural context and the central role of the FNP is to orchestrate the healing and recovery process not only for the patient but also the patient’s family, to serve as an advocate for the patient and his or her family, and as a leader, taking the initiative in disease prevention in the community.