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Nursing Personal Statement Example, MSN, Nurse Practitioner, Asian

Updated: Jan 14

For the past ten years, I have pursued and succeeded in a career in accountancy, progressing logically into positions of increasing responsibility and the number of staff under my supervision. While I have successfully developed my career, I have come to find that while accountancy matters in social terms, the rewards of Nursing would bring me a level of personal and spiritual MSN satisfaction accountancy never could. I have looked back on my life and found that the times I was happiest in my work were when aiding diverse patients and volunteering in hospitals. After much introspection and prayer, I have concluded that I simply cannot go forward in my accountancy career; instead, I want very much to build a career in which my compassionate nature and desire to help others can be more fully utilized, serving the poor, sick and those who need me the most.

Master's Nursing, MSN Personal Statement, Nurse Practitioner, Asian
MSN Statement of Purpose

Earning my MSN will enable me to bring several of my goals, plans – my dreams – to fruition. Within a quality MSN program, I can expand on my research interests in dermatology and surgery, laying a foundation for pursuing education and accreditation as a Nurse Practitioner. All of this sounds so clinical compared to what I aim for training to help others. Indeed, I am interested in aiding at-risk populations in developing nations, ideally by joining Doctors without Borders. Their tireless and selfless work is inspirational, and I am eager to participate. Upon building my exposure in the field, and earning my NP, I envision serving my community either in a hospital setting or through my private practice. Through this foundation and security, I can build a wonderful marriage and bring children into my life and this world.

I bring with me to the MSN program, solid evidence of my ability to succeed in an academic program, coupled with a decade of professional experiences that have built my maturity as well as interpersonal and time management skills within a deadline-oriented environment. Indeed, while none of our clients was in danger of losing their lives, the pressures on the job were genuine. We had to perform quickly, and accurately, giving full attention to details and utilizing state-of-the-art IT packages and hardware to accomplish our tasks.

Master's Nursing, MSN Personal Statement, Nurse Practitioner, Asian
MSN Statement of Purpose

My desire to help others began when I was teaching English to students for three years in Japan through the JET program, an experience that enabled me to live in Japan for three months every other summer with my extended family. However, experiences at Japan's Tokyo Medical University Hospital and over 1, 000 volunteer hours at UCSF’s MRI clinic have solidified my certainty that my future is in Nursing. While in Japan, could use my fluent bilingual abilities, and Japanese and American cultural experiences to aid American patients in translating their needs into Japanese. In addition, over a span of three years at UCSF, I have admitted patients, assisted them with appropriate garments for the procedure, and filled out necessary forms. These experiences also developed my knowledge of medical terms and confidence in their use. The rewards were amazing, and I absolutely loved my work. Moreover, I never received a single dollar for it, and am glad of the experience. Caring for and aiding someone when they are most vulnerable is one of the most intimate ways to touch someone’s life; it is an honor.

My love for learning and teaching combined with my patient nature made me a teacher with a great record of accomplishment with JET, and I enjoyed the teacher-student interaction, demonstrating my ability to connect and communicate well with people of differing cultural backgrounds. I have had the unique opportunity to broaden my worldview, working and growing in two distinct cultural contexts.

America’s healthcare system is only increasing its representation of a multitude of cultures. My bicultural experiences, cultural competency, ability to speak multiple languages fluently, world travel across three continents, and professional and volunteer experiences, will be invaluable to my career advancement as a Nurse Practitioner. Furthermore, I will be a role model not just within my community, but for other students of Asian descent, representing what can be accomplished with hard work and determination in a nation with unlimited opportunities.

I eagerly await my entry into the MSN program, to learn from some of the most talented faculty in the world, and interact with an accomplished student body, sharing my experiences and learning from others. I am anxious to begin my professional Nursing career, giving compassionate care to others, just when they need it most.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nursing Personal Statement Example


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