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Saudi Arabian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose 

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This past January 2015, I was awarded a BSN from XXXX University. Before nursing school in Australia, I already had seven years of experience in neonatal care in my native Saudi Arabia. Since May, I have been a Nursing Supervisor at the King Saud Medical Center’s Pediatric Hospital. Thus, I have maintained a conceptual and practical continuity throughout my career, focusing on motherhood and children. I look forward to developing further as a graduate student working towards her Master’s in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at XXXX University. I have three small children I am raising alone, and all three are begging me to return to Australia because they love it after having lived there for three years already (for them, most of their lives). Their mother is also very much in love with Australia. Read More

There are very few CRNAs in my country. Almost all of the CRNAs working in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Thus, it has been an uphill battle for me to work towards changing this, especially as a female nurse, since the vast majority of nurses in Saudi Arabia have historically been men. This is beginning to change, however, and women are making significant advances in our efforts to achieve positions with greater levels of responsibility in our hospitals. In my case, I am pleased to report I have finally convinced the administrators of my hospital, where I work full time as a nurse, to finance my education in the USA to become a CRNA. They have now confirmed that I will have their full support if accepted to your program. Read More

I am deeply honored to have been sponsored by the Saudi Aramco Oil Company to complete my Masters's Degree in Nursing in your program since my company is deeply committed to the education of its employees. I am currently licensed to serve as a professional Registered Nurse in my country. Read More

I want to attend your program at XXU because of the personal attention afforded by your small classes, excellent lab facilities, world-class faculty, and high-quality, accessible resource centers. I also appreciate your hands-on approach to learning and how all of this is reflected in your graduates' exceptionally high success rates. Furthermore, I understand that your program is situated in the School of Medicine, which facilitates student acquisition of the broad range of skills required for the state-of-the-art practice of general anesthetics. I am keenly excited about the prospects of full-time immersion in such an advanced academic atmosphere dedicated to the entire spectrum of healthcare research. Read More

I am a nurse in Saudi Arabia who is dedicated and motivated and wants to study abroad to prepare myself for advancement in my field. I am most favorably impressed with your MN Program in Advanced Clinical Nursing. I see it as the best fit for learning how to make my optimal contribution to nursing in the KSA. I look forward to the entire spectrum of studies in your curriculum on health and well-being, illness and healing, and learning to think in multidisciplinary ways about health promotion and illness prevention. By studying the complex nursing challenges presented by Canada’s multicultural population and their health care system, I am convinced that I will learn how to effectively make significant contributions and positive contributions to the careers of my Saudi Nursing students. Read More

Saudi Arabian Applicants to Nursing School
Saudi Arabian Applicants to Nursing School
Saudi Arabian Applicants to Nursing School
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