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Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D. Leadership

Updated: Jan 15

After extensive research concerning opportunities for graduate study in the USA, I have decided that my first choice is the Research in Nursing Administration, Ph.D. Program in Healthcare Leadership at the University of California, XXXX. Your program is ideal for my interests which center on becoming a professional researcher in nursing administration.

I earned my master's degree in nursing administration in the USA this past May of 2017, and I look forward to beginning my studies toward the doctoral degree. The area I am most widely read about and hope to publish in the future is job satisfaction among nurses and related issues such as turnover rates, particularly as applies to hospitals in Saudi Arabia, my home country. I look forward to decades to come in designing nurse retention programs for hospitals throughout the country. I will do all I can to maximize my contribution to developing and articulating policies geared towards improving healthcare, primarily through adopting innovative technology in our hospitals.

Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D. Leadership 51
Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D.

My central goal as a nursing professional will be to streamline nursing administration in Saudi Arabia to encourage nurses to remain in their posts by helping to make their jobs more satisfying and fulfilling. I will intensively study the reasons for personnel turnover in nursing in our general hospitals. I will select and tailor strategies and plans to improve the work environment and thereby increase the job satisfaction and subsequent productivity of Saudi nurses; and, thereby, the quality of patient care.

The University of XXXX has an excellent reputation in Saudi Arabia; it is the place to go for a top-notch education if one is a Saudi Arabian. The prestige and world-renowned quality of your Nursing Program at UC XXXX will enable and inspire me onward toward a lifetime of contribution to positive, progressive changes and improvements to health care and the nursing profession in Saudi Arabia.

Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D. Leadership 51
Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D.

Research Nursing Administration, Ph.D. Ph.D. I look forward to exercising leadership in the design and implementation of policies that enhance the nursing environment resulting in greater satisfaction on the part of nurses and better patient outcomes. Most of all, I want to improve nursing retention in my country. Since March 2013, I have spent as much time teaching in Saudi Arabia as I could fit into my schedule and serving as a Teaching Assistant and Clinical Instructor of Nursing at XXXX University. Much of my work involves supervising students in our clinical settings as part of our Community Health Nursing Course. It was a great honor for me as well to have given a presentation at the Annual MBAA International Conference, March 22–24, 2017, at XXXX, Chicago, IL, on the subject of _________.

Thank you for considering my application to the Healthcare Research Leadership in Nursing Administration, Ph.D. at UC XXXX.


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