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Puerto Rican Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose  

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My immediate short-term goal is to be accepted to study for the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University. XXU is my first choice for several reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of the program. The location is also essential since my home base is in XXXX. The experience of serving as a nurse at a university medical center has geared me toward a passion for research and nursing education. Lifelong education stands at the center of my professional goals. At some point in my career, I would also love to acquire the experience of teaching, at least on a volunteer basis, and precepting nursing students. I come from a diverse cultural background, half Puerto Rican, which helps me relate easily to populations from all backgrounds. I look forward to continuing to enhance my Spanish with a focus on the most critical vocabulary for medical emergencies. Read More

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