Sample 1st Paragraph FNP, Hospice, Right to Die


Probably the single greatest strength of my application to your distinguished and competitive FNP Program at XXXX University is my profound passion to excel in the future as a nursing professional who cares for hospice patients: death with dignity, the last salute, respect, and the most tender loving care that we can possibly provide for our loved ones at end time. Most of all, I am most pleased to be part of the activist forefront of a surging dynamic in America for the individual right to determine the time at which they wish to die, respecting the wishes of the patient to not only to avoid suffering, but also, at some point, to stop living as well, to say goodbye.

Sample 1st Paragraph, FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner

A little girl with freckles and a big space between my front teeth, I was a shy child and my timidity was reinforced by the fact that my family was poor. Joining a theatre group in high school helped me to step out of my isolation. By the time that my grandfather had to have a triple bypass when I was in college, and I ended up spending weeks keeping him company as he recovered, I had the opportunity to meet my first real role models, the people that I admired most and, soon, I realized that I wanted to emulate: the nurses. Now an accomplished and experienced nurse, I hope to be accepted to your distinguished and especially creative FNP Program at the University of XXXX.