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FNP Personal Statement Samples

Updated: Jan 15

XXXX University´s MSN, FNP Program has a reputation for rigorous academic education and opportunities to contribute to the support of research, preparing students to deliver care and promote health through patient education. I feel that XXXX is the best location to strengthen my leadership skills and receive a top-notch education centered on providing holistic care to patients throughout their life cycles. Becoming an FNP at XXXX will enable me to achieve the very highest standards of excellence in patient care. I am a Brazilian woman, and for a long time now, many Brazilians have been making the USA their home. I look forward to caring for their oral health care needs and practicing nursing in Portuguese and English.

MSN, FNP, Brazilian Applicant, Portuguese
FNP Personal Statement Samples

Volunteering back in Brazil at the Wound Care Center for the first half of 2012 helped me commit to nursing as my career. I assisted nurses responsible for performing all aspects of wound care, from patient reception to wound assessment and choice of treatment and follow-up. I also volunteered in a free women's clinic in Brazil for two months following the completion of my undergraduate studies in Nursing. I helped educate and empower women and their families, monitor low-risk pregnancies, request routine tests and guide treatment according to the institution's protocol, perform breast examinations, and educate patients on achieving their own. I also collected Pap smear tests. As a trained FNP, I look forward to collaborating with families to implement healthcare plans and provide preventive care. I am passionate about nursing practice because I find nothing as exciting as the prospect of educating patients on how they can promote their health across their lifespans. I plan to specialize in primary care or internal medicine and work alongside other nurse practitioners and physicians to update medical records, teach patients, conduct physical examinations, and prescribe medications.

MSN, FNP, Brazilian Applicant, Portuguese
MSN FNP Personal Statement Samples

I have participated in community activities that focus on healthcare throughout my undergraduate studies. We would visit various low socio-economic status communities, where we could educate patients on COPD, diabetes, hygiene and sanitation, and HIV/AIDS. After graduating in Brazil, I came to the USA in 2013, inspired by my epidemiology professor and others who had spent a long or considerable time in education programs in the USA. After arriving in the US, I enrolled in Union County College's ESL program and got a house attendant job to pay for my tuition. A year later, I became a home health aide and a Nurse Assistant.

In 2018, I was awarded my license to practice nursing in New York, and today I serve as a Sub-Acute Nurse. As a home health aide and then a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), I have built upon my experiences, interacting with patients and patient care, and have become well acquainted with the typical rigors of family nursing. In my first task as a home health aide, I accompanied my patient to an appointment with a primary nurse practitioner, and it was my first interaction with an NP. My patient explained that he felt sleepy and tired and attributed it to his age. The NP ordered a blood test, and the results were ready in two weeks. The NP was also a hematology doctor, a truly kind and funny woman from whom I learned a great deal. As a Sub-Acute Nurse, I have continued educating and caring for my patients while developing my nursing practice knowledge. I help my employer, a doctor, prepare patients for examinations, orders, diagnoses, medical history, and treatments. As a qualified FNP, I will use my knowledge, compassion, and leadership skills to impact patients' lives and the community positively. Patients value a person who cares and explains procedures in detail after conducting a thorough physical examination.

Thank you for considering my application to become prepared for a lifetime of service as an FNP at XXXX University.

FNP Personal Statement Samples


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