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Russian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples

immigrant Russian nurse personal statement

I look forward to decades to come giving my all to my hospital as a CRNA. My ideal location would be a small or medium-sized hospital in a primarily rural area, as I enjoy the ‘hometown’ feel of smaller hospitals, where one is very much made to feel like a community member. I hope to earn a doctoral degree in Nurse Anesthesia, the terminal degree in my chosen field, and my first choice for doing so is XXXX University. I especially have my heart set on XXXX because of the sheer excellence of your program, its stellar reputation, and its location. Earning my DNP Degree at an especially distinguished institution such as XXXX will help me realize my long-term goal of teaching Nurse Anesthesia, perhaps in Russian or Ukrainian. I am also fluent in Polish. Read More

As a Nurse Assistant at the XXXX Free Clinic, I write to support my application to your distinguished BSN Program at the University of XXXX because I have adopted nursing as my vehicle of expression and contribution to my community. Serving as a nurse is the center of my contribution to global struggles and crusades. I am a Russian man who has traveled and engaged in my principal passion, humanitarian activities. My social interests, commitments, and causes have propelled me to develop an increasingly better understanding of virology and epidemiology, particularly concerning HIV.  Read More

A woman from the Ural Mountains of Russia who came to America at the age of 20, I married and made my permanent home in XXXX, where I am now raising my children as a divorced mom. Now 39 and in my last year of your BSN program at XXXX University, I hope to continue at XXU to earn my DNP Degree. XXU and the surrounding community are our home. I feel very strongly that I will be able to best excel as a DNP student with the support of our local community, friends, neighbors, familiar surroundings, etc. I like to think of myself as something of a Russian ambassador to the XXXX Community, and I daydream of someday attending to Russian tourists who find themselves in need of medical attention while on a visit to XXXX as a DNP serving at one of our local hospitals. Read More

I now feel I have the necessary experience to excel in a Master’s Program and become a CRNA. I want to pursue my highest aspirations, my ideal: the Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University. A rugged individual both psychologically and physically, I thrive on pressure and feel most fulfilled by my contribution to emergency cases, especially when we successfully saved a life hanging by a thread when the patient came to the ICU. I see nursing anesthesia, in particular, as noble work in light of the enormous responsibility bestowed on the CRNA, and I find meeting this responsibility to the highest degree possible to be my greatest joy on a day-to-day basis. Read More

I want to become a nurse and build my career in nursing. My undergraduate degree is in Public Health, inspiring me to a career in nursing. My current internship as a Nurse’s Assistant has also motivated me to excel as a nurse and feel confident that nursing is my professional destiny. I appreciate XXXX’s focus on cultivating and enjoying a culturally diverse world. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as an Armenian-American woman and a native speaker of Russian as well as Armenian. Read More

I am finishing my first year of the Master’s Program in Nursing at XXXX College of Nursing. I now realize that I want more from my nursing education than XXXX offers. I ask you to consider my application for transfer to XXXX University. I want to earn my MSN at one of the top nursing programs globally, not far from where I was raised in my hometown, Chicago. I have been learning a great deal about career opportunities in the nursing field throughout the last year, and I now understand how crucial clinical placement is. This is something that XXXX does not offer. I now see the clinical placement as an essential part of earning the MSN Degree, perhaps especially in my case since I aspire to a lifetime of service as an FNP. Read More

I am a Russian woman from Latvia and a nurse who has now made her home in America. At 32, I feel strongly that I am now at my optimal point for a return to full-time study in my field. My main area of interest is cardiology, and I a looking for a way to give something back to my community. I have chosen to specialize in Cardiology because of my long-time fascination with the heart and how this organ plays a central role in various crippling diseases. My choice was also influenced by what I understand to be a shortage of primary care providers with advanced training in cardiology. Read More

My main goal in life is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by applying my significant nursing experience and to do so while having a satisfying and rewarding career that will provide both variety and autonomy. I am convinced that the FNP role will meet my requirements and maximize my ability to make a positive difference in people's lives. I have frequently observed FNPs at work and have carefully researched their role. My background is in critical care and home care. In my career, I have been required to demonstrate many of the skills and traits called for in the FNP role: independence, self-reliance, an analytical approach, empathy with patients of all types and ages, and an ability to work calmly under pressure. I have also undertaken an occasional leadership role while supervising nurses’ aides or mentoring junior staff; I have done so successfully and have enjoyed these experiences. I understand that not every nurse can accept the responsibility that comes with the autonomy and independence of the FNP role. Still, I feel that I have demonstrated the potential to do so. Read More

Russian Applicants to Nursing School
Russian Applicants to Nursing School
Russian Applicants to Nursing School
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