Russian BSN Applicant , Spanish Speaking Nurse Assistant

A Nurse Assistant at the XXXX Free Clinic, I write in support of my application to your distinguished BSN Program at the University of XXXX because I have adopted nursing as my vehicle of expression and contribution to my community; serving as a nurse also stands at the center of my contribution to global struggles and crusades. I am a Russian man who has traveled much of the world engaged in my principal passion, humanitarian activities. An avid student of biology, my social interests, commitments, and causes have propelled me to develop an increasingly better understanding of virology and epidemiology as it relates to my special interest: HIV. My core values are integrity, compassionate care, respect for humanity and the fullest embrace possible of diversity and equality. I am approaching fluency in Spanish and have traveled all over Central and South America in preparation for outreach and solidarity in this area of the world.

In addition to your stellar reputation, UXXX is my first choice among BSN programs because of its location, where I currently live, work, and volunteer my time at the Berkeley Free Clinic. I also deeply admire the track record of your faculty with respect to HIV generally speaking and epidemiology in particular, most especially Dr. XXXX. It is also at the epicenter of the populations that I seek to both study and serve, the LGBT community in particular, especially recent immigrants and the underserved in general. A student of nursing who emigrated from Russia, I have traveled much of the world volunteering my time and energy in numerous countries working with humanitarian projects as this is where I have found my greatest sense of fulfillment. I advocate and serve as a leader for various specific underserved populations, including Russian immigrants. I volunteered to live and work on a sustainable farm in Northern Thailand for several months, another few months at an orphanage in Northern Vietnam. I have shadowed and assisted doctors and nurses in numerous hospitals in Russia, Laos, Venezuela, and Colombia.

As a native speaker of Russian, I am especially proud of the fact that I continue to make rapid progress improving my intermediate level Spanish and hope to be able to consider myself fluent in this language within a few years. This is particularly important to me because of the way in which this language tends to be spoken in America by the medically underserved. For some time now I have been cultivating a special awareness and professional network of support for the underserved or marginalized members of the LGBT community in California, generally speaking, and San Francisco in particular, especially Latinos. I most keenly look forward to participating in medical missions, especially in the area of HIV prevention. I have always wanted to live and work in Africa, for example, one of the few continents that I have not yet had the opportunity to visit. Doctors Without Borders have long been my principal heroes and I seek to honor their tradition and mission.

The study of nursing has been at the center of my professional activity for years now, working as a nurse assistant and doing independent study on my own. I have become quite well read in the areas of current nursing trends, leaders, emergent specialties, and job-market competitiveness. I see your BSN program at UXXX as a perfect fit for my aspirations, providing health care services to underserved members of the LGBT community, especially in the area of HIV prevention with a research component. I feel especially well prepared to undertake professional study in this area as a result of my current experience with the XXXX Free Clinic, serving our community as a nurse assistant. I look forward to making important contributions to our community and promoting the health and health care of many who are among the most vulnerable members of our community. I thank you for considering my application to your exceptional program.

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