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BSN Bachelor's Online, Older, Non-traditional

Updated: Jan 15

I have reached a point in my professional career where I have exhausted every path of opportunity and promotion at my current academic level. Moreover, my children are of an age where it is now practical to complete my education and develop my career further; the convenience of the online format is also ideal. Given the love and support at home and a quarter-century of conceptual continuity in delivering quality medical care, I have an excellent foundation to develop myself and bring my goals to fruition.

I am eager to take on increased responsibilities, lead teams of nurses, train recruits, and bring my years of keen observational skills and clinical understanding to a more extensive range of patients, as well as act in a more influential position that allows a higher level of patient advocacy. While I anticipate continuing to work in the ER as a BSN holder, I will also be a role model for others considering a career in Nursing. Given my age, I hope that others will be inspired, believing in themselves that there is a special place in Nursing for mature students and medical professionals where they can make positive contributions.

Nursing has been a natural and logical choice for my career. I am sympathetic to others and have a passion for helping patients heal. I get along well with everyone, irrespective of age, cultural background, or socioeconomic status. While I only speak English, I communicate effectively with people, regardless of their country of origin or belief system.

BSN Bachelor's Online, Older, Non-traditional
BSN Bachelor's Online

I hold an AD in Nursing and keep a battery of certifications current, including ACLS-Ep, TNCC, ENPC, and CEN. My many mentors have shown me the value of keeping my skills up-to-date, practiced, and fluid. Returning to the classroom and completing my BSN has always been in my mind. Circumstances now afford me the capability of going forward. I am a mature student with a great depth of clinical experience in various setups.

To date, I have not conducted formal research. However, preparing for my various medical certifications and working with the XXXX County Drug Taskforce required a lot of research. I have done many educational presentations in area schools, impressing young people on the dangers of methamphetamine addiction.

For the past eight years, I have worked as an Emergency Trauma Nurse for XXXX Hospital, an award-winning medical center that offers a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services at XXXX Hospital. XXXX Hospital is blessed to have a great deal of state-of-the-art technology. My duties include but are not limited to providing critical care, trauma care, and general healthcare for and serving a diverse population of all ages, assessing and triaging patients. At XXXX, an acute care hospital, I also perform ECGs, blood draws, titration of medications, and arrange transfers of patients to higher care level areas/facilities. From the time I received my AD in Nursing until 1998, I was a Telemetry Nurse, working in post-op recovery rooms and ICU and educating patients.

I have years of multidisciplinary medical team experience. I have solidified my interpersonal and observational skills. I want to make my patients as comfortable as possible, even if not completely pain-free. I love the intensity of the working environment. I thrive on the need for accuracy, speed, and well-developed observational skills.

BSN Bachelor's Online, Older, Non-traditional
BSN Personal Statement Samples

XXXX is my only choice for academic development. When researching my Nursing program options, XXXX stood out from the background noise of other schools. I like the convenience of online study, which will allow me to continue working full-time. Equipped with a BSN from XXXX, I can move into positions of greater responsibility and bring greater relevance and meaning to my career and volunteer outreach work. Moreover, I will be a role model for my children and the community, so that it is never too late to develop yourself further.

In addition, to those considering a career in Nursing, I hope that by promoting XXXX to them, I will inspire others to help fill the national Nursing shortage we are experiencing today. I want to demonstrate that if you have the heart and passion for helping others – the poor, the sick, and the needy, at all costs – then XXXX offers you a way to do just that.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to joining XXXX and the dynamic student body with great eagerness.


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