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Indian Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Samples 

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____ University is my first choice among DNP programs in Nurse Anesthesia for various reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program and distinguished faculty. I also appreciate JHU’s emphasis on practice-based learning and commitment to family-centered care. My ambition and experiential learning will inspire and empower me to become a highly efficient CRNA in research and practice. I look forward to dedicating myself fully to the NA program at JHU, giving my all to my studies with utmost dedication, diligence, and devotion. Read More 

XXXX University is my first choice among DNP Programs in Nurse Anesthesia for various reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program and the extensive resources of the surrounding area. Your location would enable me to excel due to my networks, family ties, etc. Born and raised in New York City to immigrant parents from India, diversity, multiculturalism, and multilingualism have long been central to my values and worldview. Spending large chunks of the last couple of years improving my ability to communicate in Spanish and using this language with increasing frequency in my professional position as a nurse is something that I find incredibly fulfilling. This could not come more naturally, particularly given the centrality of social service in the ethics and mindset of my family and the social traditions we cherish in our native India. Read More

XXXX University is my first choice among DNP Programs in Nurse Anesthesia for various reasons, mainly the location and the sheer excellence of your program. In April 2018, I will have been an RN for eight years, with half of that time spent in the ICU, mainly in a level-two trauma center. Thus, I feel it is time to reach out for further opportunities and responsibilities in nursing to maximize my potential contribution to my profession. I hope to earn a doctoral degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University and become the finest CRNA possible, distinguishing myself on a volunteer and a professional basis. Read More

As a 13-year-old living in India, I used to accompany my grandmother, who was suffering from cancer to the hospital for her chemotherapy following surgery. I would sit near the house staff room, where the nurses congregate, and listen to their conversations. I was deeply impressed by their cheerfulness, evident dedication, and caring attitude toward the patients. I observed how simple things such as a smile, a shared joke, or a squeezed hand positively affected the patient. I could see the pride in helping others in need on their faces. It was then that I decided on a healthcare career that would allow me to serve and motivate people to live better lives. Read More 

I am an Indian-American woman and a registered nurse who could not be happier having found my calling. I cannot wait to work each day because I find so much joy and fulfillment in my professional function and identity. Texas is now my permanent home, which I love dearly, the community, diversity, and opportunity. I have been employed full-time as an RN since I completed my undergraduate studies in nursing at XXXX University. Most importantly, I have ten years of experience in the medical-surgical ICU. I have also worked in our Urology clinic. I have spent this decade caring for patients, a majority of whom have been advancing in years; thus, I feel strongly that my most significant contribution to the profession in the future, the area in which I am best posed to excel, will result from earning the MSN with a focus on Adult-Gerontology, serving as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Read More

My family comes from a humble village in India, and I was born and raised in Africa. I will always be conscious of my humble origins, which motivate me to my utmost to contribute to helping the underserved, the poor, and members of marginalized or underprivileged communities. I hope to be accepted to your distinguished DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University for various reasons, including the sheer excellence of your program and its location, which is convenient for my family and me. Read More 

A  hard-working woman born and raised in  India, I have lived in the United  States for the past ten years. I moved to the U.S. in 2002 after marrying a  U.S. citizen and have been living with my in-laws since then. I am now the mother of two beautiful boys,  one is five and just started kindergarten, and the other is beginning to crawl around.  Nevertheless, we are a big, loving Indian family and highly respect higher education. So my entire family supports my decision to return to school and pursue acceptance to the Master´s Entry Clinical Nurse Program at XXXX. Read More 

I am a nursing professional from India who lives and works in Houston. At 33, I feel strongly that now is the best time to return to advanced study to further my career. In addition to my B.S. in Nursing, perhaps what distinguishes me most from other applicants to your program is that I hold a Master's Degree. I want to help the weaker members of our society, and I have a profound appreciation for advanced education. I seek to become a certified nurse professional in anesthesia because I believe that it is here where I might be able to realize my fullest professional potential. Read More 

I realized that I wanted to be a nurse when I went to India in June 2005. I stayed with my aunt, who is a nurse. I shadowed her and saw how wonderful she was with her patients, compassionate, always in good cheer, and making them laugh. I also saw her joy, and I knew I wanted it. She takes care of her patients as a mother takes care of her child. And I admire this very much. After a while, I volunteered at Ahuja Hospital, where she worked. Read More

Indian Applicants to Nursing School
Indian Applicants to Nursing School
Indian Applicants to Nursing School
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