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BSN, Nursing Undergraduate, Indian Immigrant, Rural Health India

Updated: May 7

I realized that I wanted to be a nurse when I went to India in June of 2005. I stayed with my aunt who is a nurse. I shadowed her and saw how wonderful she was with her patients, patient, compassionate, always of good cheer, making them laugh. I also saw her joy, and I new that I wanted it too. She takes care of her patients as a mother takes care of her child. And I admire this very much. After a while, I decided to volunteer at Ahuja Hospital where she worked. 

Ahuja Hospital is located in the State of Punjab in India. And in this area of India we pride ourselves on our warmth and civic consciousness, our concern for our fellow man and woman.  I saw that it makes a tremendous amount of difference when nurses are joyful around patients; it makes the patient feel at ease and relaxed to know that they are in good hands. It is reassuring to the patient that the nurses truly enjoy caring for them.

In July of 2003, I participated in a polio immunization campaign with a team of doctors and nurses from Sharma Hospital in Punjab, India. We went to more than 20 small villages in Punjab to dispense and administer polio vaccinations. I was heartbroken when I saw many children affected with the poliovirus. We went to each house in the village and explained to the parents or other family members why polio drops are important for their children.

Last year, in January of 2009, I started my volunteer assignment as a care giver at XXXX Hospital. Since that time, my desire to become a professional nurse grows stronger every day. For me, nursing is much more than performing certain procedures and administering medications; I believe that each moment that a nurse spends with her patient is very special. I believe that making the patient feel as comfortable as possible is the central and most important aspect of nursing care. Treating the whole patient, each one as an individual with different needs, likes, and dislikes, is especially important. It is important that they know that your concern for them is genuine. I have very much appreciate this privilege of working in a hospital and having the opportunity to observe first-hand the hard work that goes into patient care.

Foremost among the reasons why I want to become a nurse practitioner is my fervent desire to return to India to practice among those who most need my care, in rural India. Previously, when I went to rural areas of India, there were no hospitals in the villages that I visited. These people have to go to the city to seek any medical attention, which some of them cannot afford. I did see small clinics in some villages, however, and with the nurse practitioner degree I will be able to work at this kind of small clinic. And I want to be able to go to the patient’s house if they cannot come to the clinic. This will help me to develop relationships with the patients because in this way they can see me frequently. I long to provide my patients with continuity of care; this is something that they would not have if they were admitted only briefly to a large urban facility. I also look forward to doing educational community outreach with health fairs at local village schools.  


My long term goal is to work in India in the area of nursing education.  I want to some day have the privilege of training nurse practitioners to provide basic preventive health care to patients, as well as,  increasingly serving as primary and specialty care providers in medically underserved areas. I hope to advance the cause of preventive medicine in these areas of family practice, adult practice, women's health, pediatrics, acute care, and gerontology. It is important to note that, in most Indian States, advanced practice nurses can prescribe medications.

I am pleased with the fact that nowadays in India one can find nurses in many more places than just hospitals.  Nurses serve in the military, work for health insurance companies, become school nurses, nurse educators, and a public health nurses. Once I have a BSN Degree from XXXX´s Nursing Program, I will be fully prepared to play an important role in these exciting developments in India´s nursing profession. I am attracted to the way that your program provides a variety of schedule options to fit student needs. I have a restless spirit and a fierce eagerness to learn. Thus, I believe I would be a great asset to the XXXX student body and academic community. I am aware that giving my all to your program will be physically and emotionally draining, but I am at the prime of my life and fully dedicated to this cause.

I want very much to excel and become a positive role model for my family, my community, and my patients. My commitment to my education is very strong and I am most confident that I could excel in your program as a result of sheer hard work. I want to thank you for considering my application.

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