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BSN Personal Statement Example, Chinese

Updated: Jan 16

Seven years ago, I moved to America from China at 15. Thus, my adulthood has been taken up by becoming a Chinese American rather than simply Chinese and becoming a mother. Now, I want very much to become a nurse.

I was not inspired to become a nurse until I saw all these nurses coming in and out of my hospital room, taking great care of my daughter and me, answering all my questions, listening to all my concerns, teaching me how to take care of my baby, and comforting me when I felt upset. They were angels and became compelling role models for me. My ideal job would be volunteering with a non-profit organization like the Red Cross, using my nursing skill to help those most in need and unable to pay for their care. My professional aspiration for the short term is to be accepted into your undergraduate degree program in nursing. My long-term goal is to become a nurse practitioner. And I hope someday to do extensive volunteer work in the Developing World.

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Immigrant Chinese Nurse Personal Statement Help

I have always been a caring person and love caring for people. These are the primary reasons I have enormous potential to become an excellent nurse. While I still have a lot to learn at only twenty-two, my communication skills are finally getting to the point where I am an effective communicator in the workplace. I am no longer shy about speaking English. I hope that being a native speaker of Chinese will be helpful in the future as a Nurse Practitioner serving in urban areas with a significant Chinese-speaking population. I live in Salem, Oregon, with a population of only 150,000, and I met no Chinese-speaking healthcare workers during my stay in the hospital. However, even in a smaller city of this size, I believe a Chinese-speaking nurse might be an asset. Chinese immigrants are spreading out across America. To this end, I plan to always avidly study and stay current with medical terms in Mandarin Chinese.

writing and editing service for the nursing school personal statement
Immigrant Chinese Nurse Personal Statement Example

By succeeding in your program, I can become a registered nurse, and I hope to continue to study later and become a nurse practitioner. My dreams revolve around children. I have two children and sponsor a child in South Africa through World Vision. She has inspired me to learn much about the difficulties of providing health care in Africa. I genuinely hope that someday, after becoming a nurse practitioner, I can join an organization as a volunteer and go to the Developing World for extended periods to help provide proper health care, especially vaccinations and wellness checks. I would also love to work in preventive medicine education.

I volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club in Salem and work as a server in a restaurant. Thus, I am most comfortable conversing with people from diverse ethnic groups. I have worked hard to develop excellent customer service skills that will help me in nursing. Serving elementary students and fussy customers has helped me learn patience and always remain amicable with others. I love cities, and I have visited many. In addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Hong Kong, I have been to Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Vancouver. My travels have helped me understand the superficiality of our differences and celebrate our great diversity in Asia and North America. This will help me to be an empathetic and understanding nursing professional.

I look forward to beginning your program, and I want to thank you for considering my application.

BSN Personal Statement Example


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