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DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program, Indian Woman

Updated: Jan 16

I am a nursing professional from India who lives and works in Houston. At 33, now is the best time to return to advanced study to further my career. In addition to my B.S. in Nursing, I also earned a Master's. I want to help the weaker members of our society, and I have a profound appreciation for advanced education. I seek to become a certified nurse professional in anesthesia because it is here where I might realize my fullest professional potential.

I have extensive experience as a critical care nurse for over three years, a nursing educator for one year, a nurse manager for one year, and a floor nurse for three years. I hope to improve my knowledge and skills further by completing your highly esteemed program. I am favorably impressed by many aspects of the work of the nurse anesthesia professional, their elevated level of autonomy, and the wide variety of skills they must master. I see this as the most rewarding career to which I might aspire. Some of my co-workers are in nurse anesthesia school undergoing highly competitive training, and I long for this challenge. I am looking forward to acquiring increasing skills as a nurse.

writing and editing the personal statement for nursing leaders DNP degree
Nursing Leader Personal Statement

I especially look forward to doing research in pain management for cancer patients. I hope to have the profound privilege of teaching in my field. I am as dedicated to research in nursing as I am to practice. This is why I have volunteered in a rehabilitation center for cancer patients to understand their struggles better. My work experience includes ICU nursing (medical and surgical), cardiovascular and thoracic surgery ICU, Telemetry, Nursing supervision, and Nursing instruction. With almost ten years of nursing experience in various settings, I have the maturity and high motivation to succeed in your program. I thrive working with acute and critically ill patients in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery ICUs and hold a critical care nursing certification.

writing and editing the personal statement for nursing leaders DNP degree
Nursing Leader Personal Statement Samples

With extensive experience handling monitoring and treatment equipment, I work in one of the world’s best-known hospitals. At the University of XXXX Cancer Center, I especially enjoy the teamwork among clinical nurse specialists and nursing experts. I have learned a great deal here at the Cancer Center, which has helped inspire me with the confidence and motivation to attend your program. I have a real passion for nursing and the ability to learn quickly. I work well under pressure and constantly refine my multitasking skills.

My greatest dream is to contribute significantly to the research literature in Nursing Anesthesia. My dear husband is an MRI and CT scan technologist whose support provides me with additional strength so that I can devote myself entirely to your program. I spent the first 27 years of my life in India, growing up near paddy fields with cows wandering in the streets, and I will always be sentimental about my country of origin. I hope to return to India someday to train nurses to contribute to my people.


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