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LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA

To Whom It May Concern, 


My name is ____ ____ and I serve as a charge nurse for the Medical Surgical ICU at ____ Hospital. I am most pleased to draft this letter of recommendation for my friend and colleague ____ ____, who hopes to enter the Fall 2020 class in Nurse Anesthesia at ____ University. We are both excited by her application to the program. 

LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA Program Applicant, Writing and Editing
LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA

I could not recommend ____ more highly for the CRNA Program at ____ University because of her vast capacity as a nurse and her endearing, compassionate bedside manner. Her integrity, fidelity and commitment are unsurpassed. ____ puts her nursing career first in her life and has now served as a charge nurse at our hospital for the past three years. Prior to this time, I was her supervisor in our Med-Surg ICU, Thus, I had a chance to get to know ____ well over the course of the last several years. Her effort, focus, most positive attitude, and good cheer have been appreciated by all. This is why she was named outstanding nurse of the quarter in 2019.  

LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA
LOR Examples, Letter of Recommendation for CRNA

____ is persistent, and I have seen her grow immensely since she first started as a new graduate nurse in the ICU, going on to earn additional certification and gain experience in precepting. She is a great communicator and has a gift for calming the family members of patients. Her compassion enables her to make marvelous contributions to nursing in our ICUs. ____ comes to work every day fully devoted to doing her best and going that extra mile for anyone who needs her support. Alive and engaged with what she is doing, her elevated level of energy is contagious, and she animates those around her, patients, and colleagues. ____ stays abreast of information relevant to her duties, procedures, protocols, even helping her peers to stay up to date with evidenced-based approaches. She will be an asset to the program that is fortunate to have her.

Letter of Recommendation for CRNA Writing Service
LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA

This is especially true in terms of her capacity to attend to primarily Spanish-speaking patients, translating and educating. Since I also speak Spanish, this is a potentially life-saving gift that we share, appreciate, and swap notes on. ____ will become a distinguished, collaborative leader as a bilingual CRNA, distinguishing herself in her devotion to the highest standards of practice.  



LOR Sample Letter of Recommendation for CRNA


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