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Nursing Letter of Recommendation, Supervisor

Updated: Jan 27

I recommend my colleague ____ for your distinguished DNP Program at ____ University. My name is ____, and I have served as a nursing supervisor for the last 20 years for the____ Department of Public Safety. I first met Nurse ____ as a nursing supervisor at ____ Correctional Hospital in 2007. This correctional hospital is known locally as the former site of the ____ Sanatorium for the Treatment of Tuberculosis. I served as Nurse ____’s direct supervisor since I was the lead nurse appointed to our shift.

Nursing Letter of Recommendation, Supervisor
Nursing DNP Letter of Recommendation

I worked directly with Nurse ____ for approximately five years at ____ Correctional Hospital until the hospital closed in 2012, and we transferred to our current place of employment, ____ Correctional, where I continue to serve as a nurse supervisor and have the great privilege of working alongside Nurse ____. What I find most impressive about ____ is that she never settles for the status quo but always produces innovative ideas about making our patients as comfortable as possible. She is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients, and I admire her very much.

Nursing Letter of Recommendation, Supervisor
Nursing DNP Letter of Recommendation

Nurse ____ is meticulous and conscientious, always striving to provide excellent patient care and service. She excels in teamwork building, always maintaining the best relations with her colleagues; she is dearly loved, and we depend on her on our floor. Constantly communicating effectively and appropriately with her peers, staff, and patients, Nurse ____ has always been consistently professional. Thus, I feel strongly that she has much to contribute to a DNP Program.



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