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DNP Program Letter of Recommendation, LOR from a Colleague

Updated: Aug 9

To the DNP Admissions Committee at XXXX University,

My name is XXXX MD, and I am a medical care provider at XXXX Correctional Facility as I work for the XXXX Department of Public Safety. I am happy to recommend my friend and colleague Nurse XXXX to your distinguished program because I am convinced that a dedicated professional in the nursing profession like Nurse XXXX deserves increased responsibility and advancement in our health care systems.

Nurse XXXX assists me with the completion of all procedures and also when I am on sick calls for offenders in need of immediate attention. I have been working in this position for the past seven years, and I can honestly say that among all the many fine nurses I have had the opportunity to work with, Nurse XXXX is undoubtedly among the very best. I think it is principally her intense focus on her work, never losing her concentration, and her heightened sense of responsibility and dedication to consistently achieve highly successful professional outcomes.

XXXX is very knowledgeable about patient care procedures and a highly effective communicator and team player—very task-oriented. We have worked together for the past three years at XXXX Correctional Facility. When I arrive at work, Nurse XXXX has all the correct charts and files for me to review for those offenders who need attention. I first discuss each case with Nurse XXXX since she knows the general medical characteristics of all the inmates. Working with Nurse XXXX makes every aspect of my professional labor easier. When I lose Nurse XXXX, she will be sorely missed. My days will be longer, and I will have to work harder at staying organized and on top of things when she is no longer here to assist me.

I appreciate your consideration of XXXX for a position in your DNP Program, and I would be happy to provide further detail as her professional reference.


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