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Nursing Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

Updated: Jan 27

To Whom It May Concern,

Nursing Letter of Recommendation Writing Service
Nursing Letter of Recommendation Samples

My name is Dr. XXXX, M.D. I am an anesthesiologist in Miami, Florida, affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System and the University of Miami Hospital. I received my medical degree from the Central University of Venezuela and have practiced for over 20 years. I am drafting this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of one of our critical care nurses, XXXX, with whom I have been working at XXXX Hospital for almost two years.

I serve as an attending physician in the cardio-surgical ICU, and XXXX is a critical care nurse that I got to know quite well, caring for many of the sickest patients in the hospital. I particularly appreciate XXXX’s attention to detail and her focus on her work, which enables her to provide me with invaluable, sometimes even lifesaving clues that help me better understand and subsequently treat the patient’s condition.

Heart transplant patients, patients on ECMO, Bilateral lung transplants, patients with left ventricular devices, and Bi-ventricular support devices; all our patients have undergone some cardiothoracic surgery. My rounds for these patients include an MD fellow, MD residents, a CSICU ARNP, and a critical care nurse, and this has usually been XXXX. We discuss patient conditions, current care plans, and progression of treatments, and cover each body system to assure holistic care. We make a "game plan" for the next 24 hours to give our patients the best chance of recovery. XXXX’s capacity to learn is truly remarkable. I could confirm on numerous occasions that she had soaked up more detail than the doctors concerning a variety of patients, often providing me with the missing bits and pieces of information I needed to achieve the desired patient outcome.

Nursing Letter of Recommendation Examples
Nursing Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

I cannot imagine anyone more qualified and prepared to succeed as a CRNA than XXXX. She is always an indispensable part of our team, helping with many bedside procedures, especially since many patients are too unstable to make it to the OR without assistance. XXXX manages all bedside care according to the care plan, draws labs, monitors patient conditions, etc. She follows directions to the letter with remarkable communication skills, especially her listening ability. I admire XXXX for her empathy and compassion. She puts her best foot forward each day and always does everything she can to enhance her performance; often, she mentions articles that she has been reading to stay abreast of the literature in treating certain complex cases. She doesn’t just listen to our rounds but is an active contributor to our discussions.

I could not feel more confident that XXXX will be a credit to the Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of XXXX if she is accepted. I would be more than happy to provide further information concerning her potential for excellence as a CRNA trainee at the University of XXXX.


Nursing Letter of Recommendation Writing Service


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