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MSN, Gerontology, Acute Care, Indian-American

Updated: Jan 28

I am an Indian-American woman and a registered nurse who could not be happier having found my calling. I cannot wait to work each day because I find so much joy and fulfillment in my professional function and identity. Texas is now my permanent home, which I love dearly, the community, diversity, and opportunity. I have been employed full-time as an RN since I completed my undergraduate studies in nursing at XXXX University. Most importantly, I have ten years of experience in the medical-surgical ICU. I have also worked in our Urology clinic. I have spent this decade caring for patients, a majority of whom have been advancing in years; thus, I feel strongly that my most significant contribution to the profession in the future, the area in which I am best posed to excel, will result from earning the MSN with a focus on Adult-Gerontology, serving as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

Throughout my career, I have become increasingly aware of the excellence of your MSN Program at the University of XXXX, primarily as a result of the fact that I have worked alongside many of the outstanding graduates of your program, who invariably praise the preparation that you provide to the best and most dedicated nurses among us who are ready for the rigors of your program, aspiring to the cutting-edge. For the past ten years in the ICU, I have often reflected upon how knowledge is our foremost tool. It enables my care of my patients, coupled with what I like to think is my naturally compassionate nature. I seek excellence, and I want to grow professionally. I could not be more dedicated to my field, and the MSN Program at U of X is my first choice for graduate school.

I have looked up to most of the NPs I have had the privilege of working with, as, generally speaking, they are exemplary in terms of the excellence of the care they provide. I love the professionalism and the devotion to the patients and crave this level of responsibility and opportunity to give my all. At the center of my professional career aspirations and research interests stand veterans. The more I care for them, the more I appreciate the unique needs they have. I currently work at the VA hospital in Houston and enjoy providing veterans' care. I have also served extensively in our Urology Clinic.

I came to the US with my family from India in 1999 at 16. As the oldest daughter in the household, I worked especially hard alongside my parents so that all of us could receive a good education. Thus, my success in your program will be an incredibly proud achievement for my entire family. In addition to having a very supportive family, my husband, and two daughters, I have been inspired to advance in my nursing career by the positive feedback I received from my patients and fellow nurses.

A hands-on learner who could not be more fully dedicated to the prospect of lifelong education, at some point in my career, I also look forward to having a share in the training of new generations of nurses. In addition to working full-time at the VA hospital and raising my girls, I teach bible school at church. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family. I intend to study part-time to continue in my current roles, professional and personal and continue to look for ways to expand my service to the community while I study nursing on a graduate level, putting into practice what I am learning every day.

I appreciate your consideration of my application to the MSN program at the University of XXXX.

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