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MS Clinical Nurse Program, Indian Applicant

Updated: Jan 16

and I am a hard-working woman born and raised in India and have lived in the United States for ten years. I moved to the U.S. in 2002 after marrying a U.S. citizen and have lived with my in-laws since then. I am now the mother of two beautiful boys, one is five and just started kindergarten, and the other is beginning to crawl around.  Nevertheless, we are a big, loving Indian family and highly respect higher education. So, my entire family supports my decision to return to school and pursue acceptance to the Master´s Entry Clinical Nurse Program at XXXX. 

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I feel qualified for your program because I hold a B.S. in Biological Sciences - zoology, botany, and chemistry - and I have earned some course credits here in the US and certification as a Clinical Medical Assistant. I chose Nursing as my career because of my science background. I also realize that caring for the ill is the career track I find most fulfilling, perhaps because of my compassionate nature.  I began working towards my goal six years ago and achieved the first step by completing pre-requisite classes. From the beginning, I was fascinated by pursuing a career in Nursing, especially since I had the privilege of working at the Rajindra Hospital in my hometown of Patiala, where I worked in the Pediatric Department.  Due to the polluted water in that area, underprivileged children from ages 2 to 7 often got extremely sick, and some died.  Water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, stomach flu, and vomiting are prevalent where I grew up.  And I worked closely with the pediatricians during all phases or stages of treatment.

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I feel confident that this is the right time to attain higher education and prepare for future advancements and challenges. I want to take my studies to the next level and pursue a graduate degree in Nursing.  The Master Entry Clinical Nurse Program at XXXX is an excellent platform for building a new professional life and a better future for myself and my family. I appreciate the increased job opportunities that come with graduate education. I am incredibly proud to be part of a profession in such great demand today. If accepted into your program, I will bring my heart, mind, and soul and distinguish myself as an incredibly dedicated student.

Thank you for considering my application, and hopefully, next year will bring new hopes and open doors to a brighter future for us by my being accepted into your program.


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