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MSN, ANP, Cardiology Nurse, Russian Immigrant

Updated: Jan 16

I am a Russian woman from Latvia and a nurse who has now made her home in America. At 32, I am now at my optimal point for a return to full-time study in my field. My main area of interest is cardiology, and I a looking for a way to give something back to my community. I have chosen to specialize in Cardiology because of my long-time fascination with the heart and how this organ plays a significant role in various crippling diseases. My choice was also influenced by what I understand to be a shortage of primary care providers with advanced training in cardiology.

As a cardiac nurse practitioner, I will fulfill similar functions to a cardiac nurse but with more autonomy. I will have the privilege of significantly refining my ability to diagnose and successfully treat even the most acute and chronic cardiac diseases. I hope to work in a cardiology practice laboring to prevent the occurrence and reoccurrences of heart conditions among our patients, advising and educating patients and their families about healthier lifestyle habits. Among cardiology issues, all of which I work extremely hard to stay current in, I devote extra time to studying the literature and popular conceptions about cholesterol reduction, cholesterol intake, and the role of daily exercise in patients with heart disease regimens.

nursing personal statement samples for immigrant nurses
Immigrant Nurse Statement of Purpose Examples

I look forward to dedicating the balance of my professional life to working with patients with existing heart complaints and providing rehabilitative care to patients following heart surgery. I have been fascinated with cardiovascular disease processes since I began nursing school. Thus, having the opportunity to specialize in cardiac issues as central to further graduate study fulfills a longstanding professional dream. I am incredibly excited to devote myself again to full-time study to become an expert in evidence-based medical practices and the ongoing debates and innovative research in cost-effective care.

Your MSN Program will inspire and equip me to excel at patient education concerning the core lifestyle changes required to prevent or postpone the onset of heart disease. My passion for nursing was significantly reinforced about four years ago when my grandmother, a nurse, died from cancer. Shortly after, I had my first child. I decided then that the time to act was now; no other career would allow me to live out all the principles I hold dear. I am passionate about the fundamental right of every individual to a healthy life, and I am committed to helping them achieve that life. Since I started nursing school, I knew that I wanted to further my education to become an Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP), moving beyond caregiving and having the challenge and responsibility of sharing in diagnosis, treatment, and the cure of disease, developing treatment plans, and evaluating patient response to the treatment. I want a lifetime of patient examinations, diagnosing and treating infections and injuries, examining diagnostic tests, and writing prescriptions.

nursing personal statement samples for immigrant nurses
Immigrant Nurse Personal Statement Examples

My passion for cardiology is matched only by my love for the elderly. As America ages, I gravitate increasingly to senior issues. I feel that I must respond to the demographic realities of my community. It will also be an honor to devote myself to cardiology and advocate for more healthy lifestyles for our senior citizens.


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