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Masters FNP Multilingual, Russian, Spanish Speaking

Updated: Jan 16

My main goal in life is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by applying my significant nursing experience and to do so while having a satisfying and rewarding career that will provide both variety and autonomy. I am convinced that the FNP role will meet my requirements and maximize my ability to make a positive difference in people's lives. I have frequently observed FNPs at work and have carefully researched their role. My background is in critical care and home care. In my career, I have been required to demonstrate many of the skills and traits called for in the FNP role: independence, self-reliance, an analytical approach, empathy with patients of all types and ages, and an ability to work calmly under pressure. I have also undertaken an occasional leadership role while supervising nurses’ aides or mentoring junior staff; I have done so successfully and have enjoyed these experiences. I understand that not every nurse can accept the responsibility that comes with the autonomy and independence of the FNP role. Still, I feel that I have demonstrated the potential to do so.

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My GPA scores will ensure that I have the academic ability to excel in the program. I know that the FNP role calls for highly developed communication skills, and I believe I have acquired skills and natural gifts in this area and the potential to develop them further. I also know that the FNP must often be sensitive to non-verbal signals and react appropriately.

 I am very aware that the population is aging rapidly and will significantly impact the work of the FNP. I have experience of working with the elderly in their homes, and I enjoy their company, perhaps as I come from a culture where the aged are revered for their wisdom and experience.  I am eager to be involved in enabling the elderly to extend and enjoy independent living as an FNP.

 I know that the FNPs provide vital healthcare services to underserved communities, and I want eventually to work in such a community. I know that preventative healthcare and primary health education are essential for underserved communities, and I am eager to meet these vital needs as far as possible.

writing and editing for FNP Personal Purpose Statement
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I am particularly interested in developing the provision of ‘distant healthcare’ such as initial consultations by telecommunications to supplement healthcare provision, especially in underserved communities. I hope it might be possible to assist in research in this area.

 I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from various cultural and social backgrounds. As a recent immigrant to the US, I am aware of the challenges facing immigrants; from personal experience, I hope to assist those facing them in my future work. I speak English, Russian, and Belorussian well and can communicate in Ukrainian, Polish, and Spanish at a basic level.

 To summarize, I am an experienced nurse with experience working with various patient types and conditions. I possess background, knowledge, skills, and personal traits that will enable me to profit from the program and become a highly effective FNP. 


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