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CRNA School, Russian Immigrant Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 15

I have the necessary experience to excel in a master's program and become a CRNA. I want to pursue my highest aspiration, my ideal: the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University. A rugged individual both psychologically and physically, I thrive on pressure and feel most fulfilled by my contribution to emergency cases, especially when we successfully saved a life when the patient came to the ICU. I see nursing anesthesia as noble work considering the enormous responsibility bestowed on the CRNA, and I find meeting this responsibility to the highest degree possible to be my greatest joy on a day-to-day basis.

I immigrated to America from Russia along with my family in 1991. While still a small child, I grew up like the child of any other recent immigrant family, a native speaker of both English and the primary language of their native land, in my case Russian. Now 26 years old, I have been working as an RN since August 2012, and I have been serving in my current position in the ICU of XXXX University Midtown Hospital since October 2013. Invasive monitoring equipment and vasoactive medication are now second nature. Yet, I could not be more excited about a lifetime of improvement in these areas, making the invasive as palatable as possible.

CRNA School, Russian Immigrant
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After completing your program and becoming a CRNA, I see myself working in a wide variety of professional and volunteer settings throughout a long life dedicated to the cause of advancement in nursing anesthesia. When I envision my professional future for decades to come, I see a large trauma center; a place where I will have the opportunity to work very hard attending to some of the most challenging cases in a busy ICU at the same time that I might have the chance to participate in research, especially in fields related to the research interests that I have developed so far, pharmacology, holistic nursing care, and managing stress in the CRNA profession.

CRNA School, Russian Immigrant
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I aspire to serve as a preceptor for incoming master's degree students at some point in my career. It is essential to have preceptors with the kind of vast professional experience that I intend to acquire in the years following my completion of your program. By teaching and guiding new graduate students in our field, I will refresh my education and further hone my nursing skills every day; and can labor at the forefront of my field, living up to the highest expectations I have set for myself. The most critical factor in my sense of self-worth and spiritual enrichment is to tend to the underserved. Providing pro-bono services to individuals with little to no access to medical care stands at the very center of my aspirations for my professional future. I look forward to receiving guidance as a student in your program about options of service where we are needed most. I am ready to hit the ground running and excel in your distinguished program at XXXX University.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program at XXXU.


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