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FNP Program Transfer, Russian in Chicago

Updated: Jan 16

I am finishing my first year of the master's program in Nursing at XXXX College of Nursing. I now realize I want more from my nursing education than XXXX offers. I ask you to consider my application for transfer to XXXX University. I want to earn my MSN at one of the top nursing programs globally, near to where I was raised in my hometown, Chicago. I have been learning much about career opportunities in the nursing field throughout the last year, and I now understand how crucial clinical placement is. This is something that XXXX does not offer. I now see clinical placement as an essential part of earning the MSN Degree, especially in my case since I aspire to a lifetime of service as an FNP.

I long for the rigor of XXXX, the forefront of nursing, and I feel strongly ready for the challenge. My central professional dream is to become a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and design, construct, and operate a low-cost clinic that meets the specific needs of some of our most underprivileged populations. I look forward to many decades to come giving my all to the cause of patient education so we can make constant progress in improving public health through disease prevention. Given my firm belief that we need to treat every patient holistically and in the family context to the extent to which each patient has one, the community looms large in my nursing philosophy caring for highly diverse cultures in Chicago. I arrived in America from Lithuania just before starting high school in Chicago. Speaking little English when I arrived, my first year of high school was the greatest challenge of my life. Since I speak Russian and Lithuanian, being a multilingual nurse is central to my identity.

writing and editing for applicants in nursing
FNP Program Transfer Personal Statement

There is a large Russian-speaking population in Chicago, so Russian is heard with frequency in the city’s hospitals. Elderly Russian patients often prefer nursing care in their native language. Speaking Russian with my patients is very near and dear to my heart and one of the ways that I enjoy celebrating the great diversity of America. The fact that I am fluent in Russian was one of the reasons why I was hired for my current position.

After graduating with a BSN, I was eager to start my new career. My dream was to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, so I wanted my first job to give me experience with patients throughout their life span. I currently work with chronically ill children with genetic disorders who need nursing care at home. In addition to working with children, I provide nursing care to adult and geriatric populations. One of my first pediatric patients was a shy three-year boy who required tracheostomy care. I remember being scared because the child didn’t know me and could not communicate verbally. I was sure he would not just let me clean his tracheostomy, so I decided we first needed to get to know each other on the playmat. After playing for a few minutes, we became friends, and he trusted me to clean his tracheostomy. I’m looking forward to working with an elderly population as well.

writing and editing for applicants in nursing
FNP Program Transfer Personal Statement

One of my elderly patients was newly diagnosed with diabetes and required teaching. I began showing her how to monitor her sugar and administer insulin. I asked her to demonstrate everything back to me that she had learned because I worried that she might forget. I have noticed how the elderly are often uncomfortable admitting they are forgetful. So, I created a large chart with pictures demonstrating how to monitor blood sugar levels and administer insulin and placed it on her refrigerator. She was ecstatic and told me that she always refers to the chart.

Thus, I’m looking forward to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner and providing care to patients across the lifespan. I also look forward to continuing to volunteer at the MDA camp because I have a strong bond with the kids there. Looking forward to a lifetime of service as an FNP professional dedicated to treating the whole family, not just one member, I will always pay special attention to the underserved and prioritize community education initiatives.

Thank you for your consideration of my application to XXXX.


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