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FNP, Holistic Philosophy, Battle Against Lupus

Updated: Jan 28

I write the following to support my application to your distinguished MSN/FNP Program at the University of XXXX. I am entirely dedicated to lifelong learning; I look forward to several decades of contributing as a nurse to research projects focused on underserved families. I am attracted to and feel called as a nurse and a health care professional to serve in the care of our most vulnerable members of society, of all age groups. I look forward to spending the balance of my professional life serving as a Family Nurse Practitioner with a holistic healthcare philosophy that highlights the value of treating patients in light of their unique family circumstances, issues, challenges, and resources.

The University of XXXX is my first choice among MSN Programs for various reasons, especially the strength of your program and its cutting-edge, online format that will allow me to do my clinical practice in my community. Earning my MSN at the University of XXXX will help me thoroughly explore my options as I progress toward my degree, followed by FNP Certification. I also appreciate the presence on your campus of the Center for Aging with Dignity and the “SAFE After 60” Program.

When I was a child, my family left Poland for Greece for two years before immigrating to the USA permanently. While I learned Greek and was doing well in school in this language, by the time we arrived in America, I was focused on English. Money was always the central issue in my family. My parents worked two jobs in a successful quest to give us a better life. Coming to America with my parents’ life savings of 3,000 dollars, we were able to buy our first car after six months and our first house after two years. Because my parents were always at work and never around, I learned to be independent quickly and help out. I have always been very responsible and reliable.

I have a chronic illness, lupus. I learned how important it is to stay on top of things and prevent flare-ups rather than treat them after the fact. Health promotion and maintenance are central to my survival and well-being and that of my children, so I am especially enthused about preventive medicine and nursing best practices.

When we first arrived from Greece, we were destitute and could not afford health care. My parents would drive me to a free clinic on the other side of Chicago to wait in line for 3 hours to be seen for 5 minutes. It was the only choice we had, and it was terrifying, The "free" clinics were severely understaffed, and there were very few. Even after getting insurance, we went very infrequently due to high deductibles. All of this contributed to the fact that I was not correctly diagnosed until I began working as a nurse myself.

Many symptoms and milder flare-ups that I went through were attributed to my being a teenager: lazy and tired - none of which was true. It wasn't until I had a major life-threatening flare-up and ended up in a hospital for four days that they finally came to a proper diagnosis. This experience, in particular, keeps me fired up to provide adequate care every day that I have the privilege of giving my all as a nurse. My aunt in Poland was my first major inspiration for a career in nursing since I have incredibly fond memories of watching her care for her patients at her hospital. I adored my aunt and the tender way she cared for her patients. The doctor came and went, but my aunt stayed and listened to the patients and was their advocate. I visited her mainly because my grandma was always sick and a patient in her hospital.

I love the diversity of America and Chicago, especially the vast Latino immigrant population. I am currently learning Spanish and my 6-year-old son in school, and I am thrilled to do so because this is the language of so many underserved, both here in the USA and in Latin America. By the time my son is in college, I hope to devote more and more of my own time to participating in medical missions. I now have vast experience working as a nurse alongside Dr. XXXX, a plastic surgeon who treats patients with congenital disabilities and those who have suffered from accidents. It is horrible to think of a child badly burned, by turning over boiling water on the stove, for example, without adequate medical care, which is often the case in Latin America. This situation moves me, and I hope to spend much of the later years of my professional lifetime abroad, caring for those who have no one to care for them.

I appreciate your considering my application to the MSN/FNP Program at XXXX University.

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