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Masters Nursing, FNP, 15 Years Community Service

Updated: Jan 24

For fifteen years, I have maintained a commitment to caring for others and the nursing field. As an RN, I have taken care of patients from the day they are born until the day they die and have supported a family of a young child with their first asthma attack and the family of a grandparent taking their last breath. From conducting sports physicals to helping set a fractured bone or diagnosing heart disease, one patient at a time, I have been involved in saving lives and have only been left wanting to give and do more. Pursuing an MSN is more than just a logical or natural progression for my career. It is a life choice, one that is backed by highly refined clinical acumen and in-depth exposure to an array of set-ups and levels of care.

Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner will bring years of skills to bear in a field that will bring new challenges, expanding on my existing clinical knowledge, extending my hands-on experiences, and diagnosing and managing conditions ranging from standard to complex, from acute to chronic. Upon completing my FNP training, I intend to practice in a local private practice serving my community. My years of multidisciplinary teamwork have prepared me for the FNP working environment, where I look forward to collaborating with physicians and support personnel.

I bring practical experience in pediatrics and Med/Surg to the student body and profession. I have worked with developmentally and mentally challenged patients in private family practice and hospital situations across the US. I have become entirely adept and comfortable with many computerized medical health record systems and medical software, such as Cerner applications, in the most practical terms.

I also bring several critical and well-developed personal qualities and attributes that will help me to distinguish myself in the FNP program: keen observational skills, the ability to articulate what is observed and critically analyzing my performance.

While I have a great deal of experience in case management, this is only half of what is needed for an FNP. Coupled with this is my ability to make critical decisions under pressure and lead a nursing team. As an FNP, I will be a leader in my community, a role model, an advocate, and a professional representative. To this end, over the years, I have been involved in my community, committed in many ways, as secretary of my daughter’s PTO, particularly in my church, where I am youth leader, membership secretary, and communion steward. I hope to continue my public involvement, attracting others to consider a career in nursing and service to the community they are blessed to be a part of.

XXXX is my only choice for nursing school. Having lived and worked only thirty miles from the school, I have only heard the highest praise for the quality faculty, diverse student body, and breadth and autonomy of the nursing curriculum. I eagerly await beginning this next chapter in my career, bringing compassionate care to those that need it most.

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