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FNP Master's Travel Nurse Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 15

I plan to become an FNP and a travel nurse in the United States and abroad. I took a trip to my parent’s homeland of Guyana, the poorest country in South America, where I witnessed the acute shortage of healthcare providers, resources, medicine, etc. This visit to our land of origin filled me with a sense of nursing mission, to give as much time as possible, progressively throughout my career, to the advancement of nursing care and access to health care in the Developing World, especially the land of my heritage: Guyana. This is where I could make my greatest contribution as a result of a culture and language that is my own.

FNP Master's Travel Nurse
FNP Master's Travel Nurse Personal Statement Sample

The University of XXXX’s School of Nursing is my first choice among Master’s Degree Programs designed to prepare the FNPs of tomorrow. In addition to its location and sheer excellence, your program is my first choice because of my profound respect for your dedication to inclusion in nursing education. Entirely dedicated to lifelong education in Nursing and community and public health, I increasingly think and feel on a global level, both intellectually and in practice: The first step is to become a Family Nurse practitioner.

FNP Master's Travel Nurse
FNP Master's Travel Nurse Personal Statement

My long-term goal is to open up my practice in the neighborhood where I grew up in New York. I would also like to travel and contribute to bringing healthcare to underserved regions. I am a scribe in the Emergency Department at XXXX Hospital in NY. Working alongside doctors, PAs, and nursing professionals is a great privilege, helping with documentation to complete patient charts. I have learned much about physical exam findings, medical decision-making, diagnosis, and care plan. I have also learned a great deal about medications. I make rounds frequently on the floor, assisting patients and providing them with necessities.

FNP Master's Travel Nurse
FNP Master's Travel Nurse Personal Statement Example

I daydream about having the opportunity to engage in research about the prevalence of cancer among minority ethnic groups in the United States. My grandmother and one of my aunts died of cancer; thus, I have been reading about this disease in my free time since before I started high school, becoming a frequent and curious visitor to the hospital. Inspired, I volunteered in the Postpartum Department at Long Island Jewish and Forest Hills Hospital. I was thrilled to attend to mothers and their newborn babies, especially accompanying moms while in labor, bringing new life into the world almost every day. Since my parents were and will always be first-generation struggling immigrants from one of the hemisphere’s poorest countries, I am the first to attend college. Nursing school was difficult at first, and my grades faltered, but I stood up and turned them around, eventually making the Dean’s List, the proudest moment of my life.

I thank you for considering my application.


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