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MSN-FNP Student, Letter of Intent to Serve as Preceptor

Updated: Jun 6

I am currently a Master’s Degree student at XXXX University’s School of Nursing in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program (MSN-FNP). I am drafting this Letter of Intent to express my sincere and profound aspiration to serve as a preceptor at a clinic or family practice, a requirement to complete the MSN-FNP Program at XXXX University.

I am particularly writing to you because I focused on your program after a thoroughgoing exploration and in-depth examination of potential options. I feel that I am a perfect fit with XXXX at XXXX since my interests and mission dovetail precisely with yours. I strongly feel that I would learn the most in your rigorous program from my peers and supervisors, teachers, and mentors.

XXXX School of Nursing has an excellent reputation for producing a diverse body of entrants into the workforce of Nurse Practitioners, serving all over the United States. The MSN-FNP program strongly encourages its students to seek clinical experience during their final year in the locale they hope to settle and launch their careers. I am reaching out to you to ask if I can serve your practice and build my nursing skills as a student in your clinic in the spring of 2021. I especially hope to be selected to give my all to your distinguished and rigorous program because it is located where I hope to build a home and family, XXXX, XXXX. I currently work as a neuro nurse in a fast-paced, jam-packed unit. I am great at prioritizing patient care and multi-tasking. I worked in long-term care for many years, and I have learned a great deal by observing the care provided by the client’s primary care team, which included a nurse practitioner. This has left me with an incremental desire to become a nurse practitioner. I have attached my CV in the hopes that you might like to see my trajectory. I have also included the course objectives for the clinical work that I would like to do as a participant in the program. I would be happy to provide you with any further information you might need and connect you to my faculty advisor.

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