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Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish

Updated: Jan 14

Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish Speaking Examples
Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish

The most unique aspect of my application to your distinguished MSN Degree Program at XXXX University is the fact that I went to nursing school in Puerto Rico, which included several semesters on neighboring St. Kitts Island. A Latina, Spanish was my first language, but it became replaced over time with English because of the educational system. Nevertheless, very much that I have two languages as a nurse am I am still learning both in the process of becoming the finest nursing professional possible. While I do not yet write well in Spanish, speaking the language well help me to realize my central professional goal: providing bilingual care to English/Spanish patients, listening, consoling, explaining their medical options, and serving as their advocate in the language in which they feel most comfortable.

My value system, outlook on life, and work ethic are all reflected in the fact that as soon as I received my license to practice nursing, I began working for a free clinic in Auburn, WA, where they had a lot of Spanish-speaking patients. I felt most needed and most at home translating between the FNPs/doctors on the one hand, and the patients on the other. My personal nursing philosophy includes a core component of communication as central to the nursing process, always working to ensure that the patient is aware of, understands, and participates in the major decisions affecting their care.

I find it exciting to be living in an age of health care reform because I have always believed that health care should be seen more as a right than something to be had only by those who could afford it. This is why I hope that someday I might be able to open my own clinic providing front-line medical care and advice to underserved members of our community. I am not afraid of a challenge and often seek out adventure and I think this has helped me to become a better nurse. As a nursing student in Puerto Rico, I spent several semesters serving on the island of St. Kitts where I was involved in the entire supply chain operation in terms of medical supplies as well as human resources and I learned how to better organize and think strategically about health care priorities.

Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish Speaking Examples
Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish

I now have several years of clinical experience in ICU and Med/Surg back home in the USA on top of my experience in the Emergency Department at San Juan’s VA Medical Center and the XXXX General Hospital—in addition to serving in the Acute Care Unite of the Joseph N France General Hospital in St. Kitts. I am an HIV/AIDS certified counselor and I helped develop the first blood drive for St. Kitts as part of the Student Nurses’ Association. I helped promote a Women’s Health Initiative in five participating factories in Puerto Rico and gained experience in home health care as a nursing student. In May of 2011, my husband and I traveled to Argentina for 14 days and I was able to follow by first cousin, a nurse, on her daily routines.

Completing your master's program at XXXX University will prepare me for a lifetime of service and help me to further develop my interest in the elderly, most particularly those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. My father in-law, my best friend, was mis-diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s and I witnessed how everyone treated him differently. More education is needed in this area, and I look forward to a lifetime of service helping those who suffer from dementia to communicate accurately and to safeguard their independence—fully protecting their rights as human beings as much as possible, as a Nurse Practitioner.

Thank you for considering my application.

Latina MSN Personal Statement, Spanish


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