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Updated: Jan 15

For me, the field of nursing represents a vehicle of service to those who need it most, especially my people, humble, primarily undocumented immigrant families from Latin America living in poverty. The unique part of nursing is the opportunity to provide service of the most profound and valuable nature to the underserved. My father came from Mexico as a young man and worked hard to gain legal status and raise his family. My parents will be enormously proud to see their daughter earn her master's degree in nursing Master’s in Nursing. I grew up among the poor with the constant stress of making ends meet in a society where we did not have legal standing, especially when I was still small. I have a lot to give back to people like my family as a nursing professional, especially to America’s massive population of undocumented immigrants.

As a veteran, my time in the military is significant to my identity. I enjoy serving as a role model to other young Latina women, as a soldier, student, and someone who gave her all towards earning a professional degree and pursuing my dreams of service to the fullest. Nursing, for me, is a way to honor my country and those comrades in arms who fell, were wounded, and those I now want to care for to the best of my ability.

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FNP Latina Role Model

As a mother of 3 children, I learn to organize my priorities and manage my time well to combine family responsibility with working and studying for my undergraduate degree. I never stopped taking undergraduate courses despite having 2 of my children during my four years of college. I will be the first in my family to attend graduate school. I grew up appreciating arduous work and the meaning of working hard for what you have. As a sergeant in the Army, I worked as a Behavioral Health Specialist with many vulnerable patients in dire times of need on their return from war. I assisted psychiatrists and psychologists with treatment plans for soldiers with various mental health diagnoses. Scheduled to complete my bachelor's degree in health and human performance this coming December 2018, I am currently enrolled in classes studying nutrition for sports and fitness, health care management, human health, disease, and fitness assessment and exercise.

I am exceptionally well engaged with the literature on congenital heart defects because my son was diagnosed late with a congenital heart defect. That spiked my interest in prenatal care and the correlation between that care and congenital heart defects. This avenue of investigation developed into a great passion for the whole birth process, complementing my experience as a mom three times around. Thus, I hope to earn my Master of Science in Nursing at ____ and attain certification in midwifery.

FNP Personal Statement Examples
FNP Latina Role Model Personal Statement of Purpose Nursing

My central long-term aspiration is to earn a terminal degree in my field and become the most exceptional pediatric cardiac Nurse Practitioner possible. The experience of having a beautiful baby boy with a congenital heart defect, and the way that I threw myself involuntarily into learning everything that I could, barely sleeping, will always be with me.

I spent most of my summer vacations with my grandparents in Mexico until I was nineteen, in Luis Moya, Durango. I am grateful for those summers, learning and savoring my cultural heritage and native language. I am thankful this has enabled me to take pride in my Mexican culture; and to take pride in the fact that I am a Latino member of my team, the woman, and the nurse who talks all the time about the news concerning the prevention and treatment of cardiac defects in children.

Nothing brings me as much joy as caring for homeless veterans. I especially look forward to engaging as a volunteer with homeless veterans, particularly the older ones, providing a balance to my day job that will be all moms and babies.

My high motivation and dedication make me a good fit for an incredibly rigorous Midwifery/Family Nurse Practitioner dual program like yours at XXXX University. I would be honored to count myself among your alums.

Thank you for considering my application.

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