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MS Nursing, Saudi

Updated: Jan 27

I am deeply honored to have been sponsored by the Saudi Aramco Oil Company to complete my Masters's Degree in Nursing in your program since my company is deeply committed to the education of its employees. I am currently licensed to serve as a professional Registered Nurse in my country.

Nursing has been my passion ever since I was a little girl, despite a particularly negative image of women who work in hospitals. For many Saudis working in such professions goes against our religious traditions. I feel strongly, however, that working as a nurse is not a violation of our religious rule. Nevertheless, I have faced difficulties in having chosen this path. I am very proud of my profession, and I am trying to become an excellent role model for younger generations of Saudi women. Professional women in my country are working hard to change some of the traditional negative stereotypes that have kept us from advanced study and pursuing more visible careers, and we are having some success.

I look forward to strengthening my skills and advancing my career by attending your university. I am very eager to learn how to serve my patients better. The challenge is enormous, but seeing the smiles on patients’ faces makes it very satisfying. We seek to bring cleanliness to dirty areas, health and light to dark and unhealthy regions, and confidence where before there was fear. The world becomes a better place when people are more educated. Achieving MS Degree in Nursing will allow me to meet my personal career goals, especially working to improve healthcare delivery and enhance nursing practice. I plan to develop and direct the implementation of more individualized, humanistic, specialized, and holistic healthcare plans.

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