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Saudi Nurse Personal Statement Sample, Applicant to Nurse Anesthesia

Updated: May 11

There are very few CRNAs in my country. Almost all of the CRNAs working in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Thus, it has been an uphill battle for me to work towards changing this, especially as a female nurse, since the vast majority of nurses in Saudi Arabia have historically been men. This is beginning to change, however, and now nurses in general and women nurses in particular are making important advances in our efforts to achieve positions with greater levels of responsibility in our hospitals. In my case, I am pleased to report I have finally convinced the administrators of my hospital where I work full time as a nurse to finance my education in the USA to become a CRNA. They have now confirmed that I will have their full support if I am accepted to your program.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because I appreciate the excellence of your program and its diversity, with a large international student population. I also appreciate the vast resources not only of your university but also the surrounding area. I see XXXX University as a place where I could excel, giving my all to my studies so that I can one day be among the finest CRNAs in the Middle East.

There is a great deal of work that remains to be done introducing the very concept of the CRNA to the Saudi medical system. It will take time and a lot of hard work on the part of pioneers in this area to bring about progressive change in this area so that the CRNA becomes a recognized and respected part of our medical teams, as it is in the West. This must take place as part of a greater shift of responsibility for direct care from the over-burdened doctor to the less than adequately recognized nurse. Nurses need to have a greater say in health care in my country and I like to think that our CRNAs of the future will be on the front lines of this development.

If it were not for receiving the promise of financial aid from my hospital, I would not have been able to attend your program; and I faced many obstacles placed in my path to getting this novel commitment on the part of my hospital to fund my CRNA education. At least in my hospital, my request for funding to study to become a CRNA is the first such request to have been approved. It is been an uphill battle for several reasons, prominent among which was the necessity of radically improving my English rapidly, so that I could excel professionally as both a student and a nurse in this language. I spent 3 months in Canada totally immersed in English and this helped a great deal with my oral fluency.

I now have 2 years full time professional experience as a nurse working primarily with patients recovering from surgery and in the ICU. I have also continued to complete coursework in this area. Since I work at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, I work alongside medical professionals from 62 different countries. I have come to love and celebrate diversity and teamwork with multinational teams.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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