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MSN Adult-Gero, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement Example

Updated: May 11

The Operating Room has now been my principal center of gravity for the past 6 of my 29 years. While originally from Ohio, I have now established a permanent home in Kentucky and find myself at the optimal point in my career to excel in graduate school. Most of the patients that I care for before, during, and after surgery are older and the older they are the more I love them. Perhaps my greatest strength as a candidate to your competitive program is my deep and abiding passion for geriatric nursing care.

I did travel nursing for the last year and have just gotten settled back into Kentucky. I was especially pleased that for all of my travel assignments I worked in the operating room. If I was accepted into your at XXXX University, this would give my the chance to better myself as a nurse and increase my knowledge and skill base; in this way, I will be able to provide better care to each and every on of the patients that I care for. I currently work with patients in between preop and postop and I am in the operating room while they have their procedures done. I see myself as an advocate for all of my patients, especially after they are put to sleep in preparation for surgery. My patients cannot speak for themselves or look out for themselves while they are in the operating room. I ensure that each patient receives not only the best care but also respect during surgery. Completing your program and earning my MSN so that I will become an Adult-Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner will assist me greatly and provide me with the opportunity to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from having greater levels of responsibility and privileges of service; seeing my patients through the whole process from start to finish.

After earning my MSN and putting it to work for a few years, I hope to return to nursing school and study at the doctoral level. I would ideally like to work in an Orthopedic doctor’s office and spend part of my time in the clinic and the other part assisting surgeons in the operating room. In this way, I will be part of a team that is able to provide continuous care for all of our patients.

I feel that I have an exceptional ability to work well under stress; and find a non-stressful approach to handle the situation. My experience in travel nursing provided me with the invaluable experience of being placed in hospitals where I knew no one and was forced to adapt very quickly to a unique health care environment, empowering me to rapidly develop my critical thinking skills and the ability to think on my feet or hit the ground running so to speak. With each assignment, I was only given only about 10 days to learn surgeon preferences, computer systems, where supplies were kept, and how to put orders in. This experience built up my confidence that I can achieve noble goals if I set my mind and heart to the task. One on particular assignment, I had a surgeon request that I work with him on the days that he was in the operating room. This request meant a lot to me since it demonstrated the way in which I provide my patients with the highest quality of care and that I am highly efficient. I am especially looking forward to doing research in the future on patient outcomes from orthopedic surgeries and the complex ways in which room traffic and sterilizations affect patient outcomes and infection rates. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXX University.

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