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Hospice Nursing Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 14

Hospice Nursing Personal Statement Samples
Hospice Nursing Personal Statement

I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to dedicate my life to the field of Nursing. I have always been good in the sciences, and have been continually fascinated by the human body, and its inner workings, and have spent hours in private study, going into further depth than any of my biology classmates. Nursing has been a natural choice for me, a path that began when I started volunteering for a Hospice. And now, my path has led me to the exciting prospect of joining the ____ MSN in Nursing Program.

As a prospective MSN program applicant, I am well-versed in patient care, and the compassion that it demands. Having volunteered at Hospice and served with distinction at the impressive ____ Hospital, I have developed highly tuned clinical and personal skill sets designed for immediate application in the modern healthcare environment. I am passionate about ensuring patient comfort and striving to keep patients and their families informed and reassured throughout the treatment process. Furthermore, I have an excellent foundation from which to develop the critical skill set to be successful as a nurse. Observing and absorbing as much as I could, and quizzing staff mercilessly, I noted how nurses prioritize while easily gaining the trust of their charges, building a rapport quickly while simultaneously and efficiently meeting the needs of the multidisciplinary teams around them. In the most practical terms, I can triage a patient, take blood pressure and vitals, clean, bathe, and change the diapers of patients, as well as break down charts in the nursing station. I have found that I can learn on the job and perform duties on the fly, and am highly organized, particularly when it comes to papers in the nursing station.

As an MSN program applicant, my passion for helping others drives me. I believe that my enthusiasm for the nursing profession, coupled with my interpersonal and critical thinking skills, will make me an excellent candidate for the program. I am committed to providing quality care to patients and making a meaningful impact on their lives. I am excited about the opportunity to immerse myself in a rigorous academic and clinical experience that will prepare me for the demands of the profession.

As an applicant to the MSN program, I have had the privilege to gain practical experience in the healthcare industry. Through my experiences, I have developed the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, which I have put into practice through volunteering at local health fairs. As a Filipino American, I have a unique perspective that I believe will add value to the MSN program and allow me to make meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry.

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Hospice Nursing Personal Statement

My experiences as a Filipino American and healthcare professional have instilled in me a deep passion for promoting positive change in the industry. Through the MSN program, I hope to expand my knowledge and broaden my skillset to better serve my patients and colleagues. As a communicator with a unique perspective, I have much to contribute to the program, and I am eager to collaborate with other dedicated professionals who share my passion for improving healthcare outcomes.

Thank you for considering my application.

Hospice Nursing Personal Statement


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