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Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Jan 14

I am applying to your competitive master's program in Nursing at XXXX University because I have been driven to save and cherish lives ever since I was 16 years old; learning CPR and working as a lifeguard performing numerous water rescues at a government housing project in Toronto. After this ‘watershed’ experience, nursing school was the most natural of choices. 25 years later, my children now need me less and it is now the right time for me to devote myself to earning a graduate degree.

Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement Samples
Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement

I have chosen XXXX University because it is committed to excellence and innovation. I just completed (December 2014) the online Advanced Pathophysiology for Clinical Decision-Making course at XXXX University (final grade 87%) and I am now enrolled in the Pharmacology for Nurse Prescribers course (January 2015). I am optimistic that I will be accepted primarily because of my vast experience in nursing in many different settings. I am self-directed and highly motivated, and I have always strived for leadership roles.

I am calm, a good listener, and a compassionate, hardworking nurse. Since much of my nursing experience has been overseas, I been able to cultivate a global sense of professionalism and I have learned a great deal from the diversity of the health care settings in which I have worked as well as my observations of a lifetime of travel to more than a dozen different countries.

The skill level that I have achieved as an ICU nurse is illustrated by the fact that I am a member of the RACE (Rapid Assessment Critical Events) team helping to coordinate rapid, multidisciplinary assessments of patients. I am especially knowledgeable in the areas of cardiology, cardiac surgery, burns, renal transplant, coronary care, intensive care, and air ambulance. I have assumed leadership roles as charge nurse as well as head nurse.

Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement Samples
Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement

I would like to see myself in the role of nurse practitioner in the community setting, either doing home visits or in an NP led clinic. I think my greatest contribution to society as an NP would be to be involved in health promotion and prevention. My ideal job would be working in an NP-led clinic with an underprivileged population. I want to continue to pay special attention to the public health needs of Canada’s Indigenous communities in remote areas of our vast north. I have also just recently taken on a job with an air ambulance company providing repatriation of patients nationally and internationally. I have been on two flights so far, once to the US and back to Canada, and another up to the arctic (Baffin Island) transferring the patient to Ottawa.

The openness and flexibility of your program suits my lifestyle as an adult learner with a part time job and an active family. My husband is incredibly supportive and my children increasingly independent.

Nurse Practitioner Personal Purpose Statement


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