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FNP Master's Degree Personal Statement, Geriatric, 300 Words, Katrina

Updated: Feb 19

I live in Louisiana; when Hurricane Katrina struck, I did what I could to help throughout the long ordeal, feeling incredibly grateful that I was a nurse. Seeing so many people needing medical attention inspired me to spend a lot of time reading about disaster relief efforts in America and abroad. I hope to participate in these efforts after earning the MSN Degree at XXXX University, my first choice for Nursing School because of its sheer excellence.

I bring with me the knowledge of nursing that

FNP Master's, Geriatric, 300 Words, Katriana
FNP Personal Statement Sample, Hurricane Katrina

comes only from extensive experience, which will help me to hit the ground running in your program and go on to distinguish myself as a Family Nurse Practitioner. My extraordinary passion for the elderly and my dedication to literature concerning geriatric care will also help me excel. Finally, I am very engaged with veterans’ issues and thinking about working in a VA Hospital in the future.

I began serving as an RN in the Emergency Department and was soon promoted to charge nurse, a role I performed with immense joy and diligence for almost two decades, from May 1990 through September 2009. I sometimes miss the intensity and diversity of patients in the Emergency Room. For the past five years, I have worked at XXXX Neuroscience Center in Houma, continuing to mature, develop, and grow as a nurse and a human being, learning to think increasingly holistically and creatively at each step.

FNP Master's, Geriatric, 300 Words, Katriana
FNP Personal Statement Writing and Editing Service

I excel at patience, compassion, empathy, and teamwork. If accepted to XXXX, I will give my all, putting my 26 years of nursing experience to work towards the FNP Degree and beyond.

Thank you for considering my application to Nursing School at XXXX.

FNP Master's Degree Personal Statement


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