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Vietnamese Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples

Vietnamese Nurse Personal Statement

I decided to become a nurse because of the profound impact made on me by the nurses who cared for my grandfather in the hospital. Several years after immigrating with my family to the USA from Vietnam, my grandfather was rushed to the hospital with end-stage appendicitis. My English is the best of anyone in my family; I was immediately called upon to translate an avalanche of medical terms for my frightened and anxious family. When the doctors came into the waiting room and said my grandfather was now in a medically induced coma, I lost my words. Noticing my shock and the anguish written on my face, one nurse, in particular, took it upon herself to comfort and support me, helping me better understand what was happening to my grandfather so that I could convey the information clearly to my family. My grandfather remained in a coma for three days and faced a long recovery, but the nurse always provided clarity and comfort during the most challenging moments. Her kindness inspired me to become a nurse; I will always strive to follow her example of compassion. My grandfather was always a champion of my pursuit of a career in nursing. Read More

After graduating from XXXX State with my BSN in Nursing, I began my career with XXU Health on a floor specializing in post-surgical patients, especially those with traumatic injuries. I was nervous but very eager to learn. My priority is taking care of a patient’s physiological, psychological, and spiritual needs. I think this experience will help me to excel as a graduate student, and I hope to contribute to the diversity of your distinguished MS Program at XXU as a Vietnamese-American woman and a non-native speaker of English who has worked extremely hard to constantly improve her English communication skills to become a successful nurse. Read More

Vietnamese Applicants to Nursing School
Vietnamese Applicants to Nursing School
Vietnamese Applicants to Nursing School
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