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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Japanese

Updated: Jan 14

As a young Asian woman and nursing professional with a great desire to improve the quality of life of my patients, I am applying to Graduate School for acceptance into your master's degree Program in Nursing. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale. I was born in Japan, and I am a native Japanese speaker. After completing High School, I moved to the United States at 19, where I completed a nine-month course in English as a Second Language. Then I attended XXXX Community College, receiving my associate degree and completing my BSN at XXXX University in 2003. I now hope to be selected for a DNP program in Nurse Anesthesia.

The rewards of nursing to my community are profound. I have a deep passion for the patients I care for, and I take pride in my profession and how I conduct myself as a professional nurse. I have been working with people in the helping profession all my adult life, ever since I volunteered in a local hospital during High School and went directly into Nursing as soon as I arrived in the United States. My two years as a telemetry nurse and eventually as the nurse in charge on the Telemetry floor have further fueled my desire to continue my education. I am now in my third year in my position, dividing my time between the medical, intensive care, and cardiac intensive care units at Memorial Regional Hospital and the cardiovascular intensive care/open heart unit at Aventura Medical Center.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Japanese Nurse Statement of Purpose Rac
DNP Personal Statement

My first choice among DNP programs in Nurse Anesthesiology is ____ University. I have fallen in love with the program because of the way that the faculty place a high priority on high-tech innovation in our field. I am confident that I am the best fit for ____ because of my devotion to technological advancement in nursing. An earnest and dedicated young woman, I look forward to pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing and someday teaching and promoting the constant, ongoing, quality enhancement of nursing care. Flexible and adaptable, I greatly respect the diversity of beliefs and lifestyles of my patients and co-workers, equipped with the insight and empathy necessary to provide the highest level of care to everyone.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Japanese Nurse Statement of Purpose Rac
DNP Personal Statement

On my annual return trips to Japan, my relationship with the Nursing Supervisor at Dongo Hospital has provided me with an insider's view of health care in Japan, the quality of nursing care, and the high level of respect for our profession. As a practicing Nurse Anesthetist and eventually a professor, I hope to bring my skills and talents someday home to Japan, sharing with my people my mastery of cutting-edge technology and best practice philosophies that I have learned and practiced in America. Most specifically, I hope to have the profound privilege of promoting the profession of Nurse Anesthetist in Japan. I am aware of the challenges Graduate School will bring and I am well organized to meet this goal. I feel that I have demonstrated my academic ability, positive study habits, and personal devotion to my profession in such as way as to make me a strong candidate for your program.

I want to thank you for considering my application.


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