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Korean Immigrant CRNA, DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Multilingual

Updated: May 11

My nursing philosophy is to always work hard, do your best, and study to become a better nurse as much as possible, both formally and informally. I hope very much to be accepted to the DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX University because the most fundamental aspect of my philosophy of nursing is lifelong education; the constant, ongoing improvement of one’s ability to care for one’s patients and achieve optimal patient outcomes. I am proud to have been awarded XXXX Hospital´s Rookie of the year award for 2017. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your team as a Korean-American woman. Since I came to the USA from our native Korea in the 6th grade, I am bicultural Korean as well as bilingual, and I look forward to serving as native speaker of Korean on call whenever the need arises in my hospital. A nurse who could not be more fully devoted to lifelong education in my field, I fully intend to stay engaged with my own personal academic advancement most of the time, on some level, throughout my career, focusing on increasing areas of special interest and training – all geared towards enhancing my contribution to achievement of the highest quality of care possible for patients. Increasingly I look forward to thinking and acting globally, having the privilege of contributing to the proliferation of public health knowledge on a global scale. Along with other CRNAs, I look forward to going on regular missions in support of surgeons especially in the wake of natural disasters. First, I earned a BS in Neuroscience (2013) and then my BS in Nursing in 2015. In addition to LEVEL 1 ICU experience, I also have LEVEL 1 hospital operating room RN experience, which has allowed me to closely observe and interact with CRNAs. In this way, I have been able to acquire an advanced understanding of issues in patient-positioning for a variety of surgical procedures. I have learned a lot about anesthesia equipment in particular, the anesthetist’s roles and responsibilities, and especially code situations in OR.

I have always striven for the best and I see Nurse Anesthesia as the pinnacle of nursing. I take special delight in the way that Nurse Anesthesia is one of the medical specialties which continuously collects data and publishes vast amounts of information that is of critical importance to research studies, especially as concerns safe and efficient care to leading to improved outcomes for patients. I respect the autonomy of the CRNA, her critical thinking skills on her feet, nursing judgement, and extensive medical knowledge. I enjoy reading about the early days of our profession when nurses were among the very first anesthetists.

My proposed area of special interest for a DNP project lies in studying the effectiveness of simulation practice for enhancing patient safety. I hope very much to have the opportunity to study in-depth the way that patient safety can be enhanced through the use of simulation practice in the training of nurses, providing them with a chance to understand their mistakes by revisiting them – so as to enhance optimal care in real situations. Adapting the work of Dr. O’Donnell to help address this issue will be critical to my thesis and its execution, with respect to both simulations and an evaluation of outcomes. In fact, I look forward to lifelong participation in research that enhances universal standards of practice for CRNAs.

The University of XXXX is my first choice among DNP Nurse Anesthesia programs for a variety of reasons, most of all the way in which I so fully share the nursing philosophy and mission that characterizes the program – with a central focus on education and the promotion of global health. I thank you for considering my application to your highly competitive program.

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