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DNP, Multilingual CRNA, Missions, French, Spanish

Updated: Jan 15

I see the role of the CRNA to be multifaceted, including but also going beyond Nurse Anesthesia, as a comforter on an emotional and chemical level. I want to advance my advocacy for my patients, taking a leading role in ensuring they receive the finest care possible. My interest in providing care to those who most need it aligns with XXXX University’s mission and commitment to global health. I need to be a leader in my profession, caring for those who need it the most and putting my abilities to the best use possible. Columbia University is my first choice among DNP Programs in Nurse Anesthesia for several reasons, especially my profound admiration for your global focus.

A former officer in the US Navy, serving for a decade and later traveling on my own, I lived in the Philippines for three years and Bahrain for a year and a half. I have also traveled extensively through Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, and parts of the Arab World and the Far East. I also raised a large family and got off to a late start due to military service. Thus, I did not earn my BSN at the University of Miami until 2016. However, with my children in college, I find myself attracted to extraordinarily little that is not nursing-related. I want to compensate for my late start in nursing by giving what I have left another two decades or so to support medical missionary activity. Since I am fluent in basic French and Spanish, I have something critically important to offer as an older CRNA. She can volunteer her time abroad, where she can save the most lives in the Developing World, especially in those large swaths where Spanish or French are the national languages.

DNP, Multilingual CRNA, Missions, French, Spanish
DNP, Multilingual CRNA Personal Statement Examples

I am applying to XXXX’s DNP Program in Nurse Anesthesia because I want to become a leader in the nursing profession, distinguishing myself in international mission service. Becoming a CRNA is the career option that will afford me the entire range of service possibilities and maximize my contribution to nursing. My ideal job would be to serve as a CRNA aboard a US military hospital ship such as the USNS Mercy or the USNS Comfort, the ladder to be soon deployed to Colombia to attend to much-needed surgery for many of the several million economic refugees from Venezuela that have fled their country for Colombia in a struggle to survive and feed their children. I am a viable candidate for this service due to my Spanish skills.

DNP, Multilingual CRNA, Missions, French, Spanish
DNP, Multilingual CRNA Personal Statement

The aviator in me enjoys the gadgetry and complex technical aspects of Nurse Anesthesia. The nurse, mother, and protector profoundly admire the responsibility entrusted to the CRNA, maintaining patient safety throughout often dangerous surgery, and returning them to consciousness again. I thrive as part of a team, and I have prepared myself for your program by working in the ICU of the #1 hospital in my area, the Cleveland Clinic Florida, serving in the medical, surgical, and CV units, also serving on the Rapid Response/Code team and as a member of the hospital’s Bioethics Committee. I have acquired CCRN certification, and I am currently working on a project to promote family and patient healthcare literacy, reducing time spent in the ICU.

Thank you for considering my application to the finest ‘global’ Nurse Anesthesia program in the world, taught at the center of my world, New York City.


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