DNP Nurse Anesthesia CRNA, Operating Room, Stroke Committee

Updated: Jul 16

The XXXX School of Anesthesia at California State University XXXX is the only DNP Nurse Anesthesia program to which I am applying, mainly because I see myself as already a member of the XXXX community. While in nursing school, I joined the volunteer team at XXXX in Irvine, beginning in the Emergency Department and later moving to the Operating Room when a position became available. I would spend time helping to turn over rooms in between patients, but for the last hour of my shift, I was allowed to watch a surgery. From the very beginning, my eyes were glued mostly to the CRNA in charge. I was also able to shadow several different CRNAs as an undergraduate student.

I get goose bumps every time I think about my future as a CRNA, and especially beginning my studies at the Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia. I have spoken with many Kaiser/Fullerton CRNA students as well as current Kaiser Permanente CRNA employees who have graduated from your school. I know this program is the very best and I only want to attend the best. I have my sights set on distinguishing myself as a very highly competent, dedicated, and compassionate CRNA for the balance of my professional lifetime. I have spent time with anesthesiologists during many surgeries, especially organ harvesting. I am also a member of the Stroke Committee at my hospital.

I first earned a degree in business but soon tired of the corporate world and began to long for the human contact, warmth, and passion of the health care professions and decided to become a nurse. A dedicated student, I finished my MSN this past March 2018 with a 4.0 grade point average - while working four 12-hour days each week in the ICU at XXXX Hospital because our unit was generally short-staffed. Excellent at time management, I am at my best in a highly stressful environment. Focused and goal-oriented, I understand the intensity and demanding nature of this program and I am fully prepared to dedicate everything to excel. I have a wonderful and highly supportive family complemented by an extended support system and I am in a position to give my very best to my studies towards the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia. I crave the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and passion of the CRNA, the enormously high level of responsibility and the autonomy - all appeal to me greatly. I hope to graduate near the top of my class.

Following my graduation from the DNP CRNA program, I hope to build a long and distinguished career not just as a CRNA, but as a CRNA with XXXX, My mom worked as a nurse at XXXX in Anaheim for almost 40 years and I hope to follow in her footsteps as a CRNA. I especially look forward to distinguishing myself in the future as a nurse preceptor since I currently enjoy this role immensely, orienting and instructing newly-hired nurses coming into our ICU.

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